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Enjoy smart design and seamless user experience

Say hi to simple and intuitive user experience designed to meet & fit your needs. Feel the seamless onboarding across devices and platforms. Kiss goodbye the learning curve and hours reading how-to guides to get started.

Stay organized with Teambook at your fingertips

What happens in Chanty stays in... Teambook. It’s a single hub for neatly organized tasks, conversations, pinned messages and all the content you share. Get quick access to an entire message history and easily find people from your team.

Moreover, activate Conversation actions when in conversation via three-dot menu to pin messages, rename or leave conversations in a single click. Teambook hub or any given conversation – you are in command leading the way.

Make yourself at home with Chanty extras

Share multiple content in a single app

Your experience matters. Share YouTube, Coub, GIF and social media content. Save time switching the apps and view your favorite media content in Chanty.

Highlight members with @mentions

Ping a colleague, online team members or even the whole team to get the quick answer or deliver a solution that needs instant reaction.

Code snippets with dev-friendly formatting

Coming soon

Save time from sending files or links to get your team code updates. Simply share clean lines of code and get instant reaction in a team chat.

Save innovative ideas with pins

Chanty let’s you decide what’s most important now. Be it your new ideas, latest reports or amazing catpics. Pin any message on Chanty and choose time to get back to it.

Create and manage tasks to stay productive

Create new tasks from scratch or turn any message into a task to enjoy a smarter collaboration with your deadline-driven team. Assign and filter tasks by status, dates and people. Start task discussions in one click to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Make your team 30% more productive* Based on studies by independent researchers

Team space management

Coming 2018

Keep only relevant people and conversations on your team space. Suspend the members who are no longer on your project, archive the conversations with no activity.
Set and control roles or privileges. Choose who can post to a conversation, who can see the other team members with powerful team space management on Chanty.


Coming 2018

Turn a simple team chat into a powerful business tool and achieve a new level of productivity with third-party apps in Chanty. Make use of notifications on everything that happens in your team, track progress and automate tasks.

Free your time from switching between multiple apps and accumulate collaborative efforts in a single place.

Calls and voice messages

Coming 2019

Making calls in Chanty puts you a tap away from organizing an effective communication. Simply open the conversation and reach out to the whole team or individual team members with high quality audio and video calls. Bring your remote team from multiple locations or time zones to one place, redefining the way you collaborate real-time.

Share voice messages to make an instant reply while on the go. No spell check problems, no formatting issues just you and your voice speaking to a team.

Workflows with threads

Coming 2019

Take your team communication to a next level. Adopt workflows to set clear goals and achieve amazing results. Choose the structure and assign a decision maker to make sure your internal communication is 100% productive.

Start threads to stay on topic and let the others catch up without scrolling endless history timeline.

Artificial Intelligence

Coming 2019

Key Findings

Reimagine the world of scanning endless unread messages. Our self-learning assistant uses machine learning algorithms to deliver only what’s important, helping you to catch up with any hyperactive conversation.

AI Search

Experience the Search that learns from you. The more you search, the more relevant it gets. State of the art algorithms, your search habits and a bit of magic save your day finding right what you need.

AI Suggestions

Typing routine replies is boring. Let AI free your time, suggesting the best options for you to respond with. Master supersonic response time and start surprising your colleagues anytime they need your attention.

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