Say Hi to Chanty 0.2.0 👋

November 14, 2017
5 min read

Today we are proud to roll out the new version of Chanty apps. Several months of our hard teamwork turned out to be extremely productive. Despite the sleepless nights, we’ve achieved amazing results:

Get more things done on the go with Chanty iOS & Android apps

Communication on the go has never been so fast and easy. If your laptop isn’t with you, a smartphone will do the job just as well. We’ve packed Chanty mobile apps with a bunch of cool features so you won’t feel a difference between desktop and mobile.

In this version Chanty mobile app receives an extreme makeover:

We’ve brushed the app up and fixed a number of bugs so you and your team can enjoy the polished and shining Chanty mobile app;)

Now it’s Download time! Feel free to visit App Store or Play Market to get Chanty team communication app.

Simplified communication in redesigned Chanty web app

At Chanty we believe in spending more time at work getting things done and less time chatting. Here’s why communication in Chanty gets better, easier and faster with each new release. Apart from fixing a number of bugs and minor tweaks, the new version of Chanty web app received several major updates:

Excited? Guess what, today is a lovely day to create your teamspace on Chanty if you haven’t already 😉

Improve your team communication with Chanty

Be the first to try our simple AI-powered team chat

Everything you love about Chanty in a powerful desktop app

On a mission to make a reliable team communication app, we’ve developed a powerful and convenient desktop solution that’s available at your fingertips. Our customer survey had put it clear – web app is great, but desktop is even better when you need to constantly stay in touch with your teammates.

Feel free to download native apps for macOS and Windows. Launch Chanty from your dock or taskbar, receive desktop notifications and enjoy seamless team communication.

The new logo for Chanty team chat

Apart from new awesome features, Chanty has also received an external makeover. We’ve already mentioned the redesign which makes the app look cleaner and the interface more user-friendly. Last, but definitely not least change we’ve made – is a logo change.

Today we are happy to introduce the new Chanty logo. Its concept was developed with the customer in mind. The new laconic logo comes in a shape of “C” with a chat bubble inside. It represents the team chat we are building and the core values of our brand – simplicity, openness and reliability. The new logo looks better in both print and digital formats. Chanty application and website will start using the new logo immediately after the press release.

In the end…

It’s no secret that we use Chanty to communicate with our team at work. Hope you’ll love it even more after the update. Give new shiny Chanty a try and let us know your thoughts, questions or comments. We are always here to help 😉


Nick Kamyshan