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Team collaboration software can be the key to having a productive and efficient team in any business by facilitating seamless collaboration and communication among teams with everyone working towards the same goals and interacting productively.

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Simple and efficient features

Collaborate in a simpler and much more effective way with Chanty

Using a team collaboration tool like Chanty will help your team collaborate in a simpler and much more effective way, which in turn will help your team and business thrive, grow and succeed. All facilitated under our online platform for team collaboration, Chanty removes the hurdles otherwise in front of collaborative teams.

Whether having better project management or better participation from employees, implementing business communication software can be the difference that your company needs.

Chanty makes it easy to collaborate under one roof and on one platform, with a host of features to help teams thrive when working towards the same goals and objectives. Join Chanty today to get more work done together, effectively.

What Is a Team Collaboration Tool?

A team collaboration tool is a piece of communication and project management software that allows for effective and successful teamwork, innovative thinking, and equal participation to achieve objectives. A key advantage of utilizing tools for team collaboration is that all members of your team will be able to easily and effectively communicate and collaborate with one another, helping your business succeed in so many ways.

Wherever there is effective collaboration in the team, individuals with complementary skills work together in a cooperative way to achieve defined, shared objectives. Chanty is a team communication and team collaboration platform, suitable for all business types and all teams, be they in-house or remote.

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The Chanty approach is defined by equal participation of all involved individuals in different stages of the work process and shared responsibility for successful outcomes.

Teamwork can take place both with people interacting in real-time, in an office, or through business communication software. Chanty also allows for informal and convenient conversation and communication among different teams, helping businesses succeed and prosper.

What Makes Good Team Collaboration Software?

Chanty’s collaboration tools allow teams to:

  • Join and collaborate Join and collaborate from anywhere
  • devices Collaborate across multiple devices
  • Discuss tasks Discuss tasks easily with other team members
  • Video Utilize high-definition, 4k video, and audio technology
  • present Present and discuss ideas

Although you may have software that helps your team collaborate and communicate, it is important to understand that there are a few elements that you should focus on if your team is to be truly successful when it comes to teamwork.

Your team must be good at communicating with each other, coordinating between different tasks, being transparent, and being accountable to each other. If your team can master these elements of team collaboration then you will become a much more efficient and successful team.

More than 75,000 companies use Chanty to improve their team collaboration. With so many useful and innovative features, Chanty helps remove the barriers to team communication that so many businesses regularly experience.

Why is Team Collaboration Important?

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There are so many benefits to perfecting your company’s processes for team collaboration, and technology is at the forefront of this. Successful teamwork will enable your team to be more efficient and productive, taking your company as a whole to new heights of success.

Allowing all team members to collaborate and feel involved in projects can be key to keeping employees happy. Chanty’s team collaboration platform enables employees and team members to positively collaborate and contribute to team projects.

Truly effective team communication in any business empowers teams to stay more connected and improve knowledge sharing among each other and different teams, improving the company's efficiency as a whole.

When team communication is not effective and successful or is happening poorly and slowly, you may feel the impact of this on your team's overall productivity.

Bad teamwork can cause time to be wasted, bad organization, loss of autonomy, and low levels of employee happiness.

Truly effective teamwork is crucial, and team collaboration software can help you achieve just that.

Sign up for free to Chanty and get started today.

How Does Team Collaboration Software Work?

Team collaboration software allows your team to master the fundamental aspects and elements of teamwork in the easiest and quickest fashion, helping to develop more efficient teams. Collaboration tools and team collaboration software will have the exact features that allow you to communicate more effectively. In the case of Chanty, there are a variety of features for teams, including:

  • check icon Easy video communication in 4k HD quality
  • check icon All collaboration and communication in one easy-to-navigate environment
  • check icon Easily accessible across multiple different devices
  • check icon Easy to monitor the progress of projects

In addition, team collaboration software is a form of software that will allow you to manage projects more efficiently and be more organised as a team, allowing you to become more innovative and productive in your business, no matter what you do.

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Collaboration software for teams often comes in the form of an app and can facilitate people getting work and tasks done faster and effectively, no matter where they are.

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Chanty’s team collaboration software and solutions help to manage all of your team’s tasks without having to run after each and every stakeholder through emails, voicemails, or knocking on doors.

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Chanty empowers and enables each and every employee to have their own login and therefore autonomy and responsibility, contributing within a shared workplace where tasks can be distributed efficiently and properly, and employees can communicate simply, securely, and effectively.

Improve Team Collaboration With Chanty

Chanty has many features that will help your team become better and more efficient. We are one of the fastest-growing team collaboration tools on the market with tens of thousands of businesses having already signed up.

Chanty’s tools help your team's collaboration through simplicity in communicating. This improves levels of collaboration and communication, allowing them to manage projects and distribute multiple tasks more efficiently.

Task management

Create new tasks from scratch or turn any message into a task to enjoy a smarter collaboration with your deadline-driven team. Assign and filter tasks by status, dates, and people. Start task discussions in one click to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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Chanty’s teambook provides a single hub for neatly organized tasks, conversations, pinned messages, and all the other content you share.

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Chanty allows you to connect with loads of other apps including Mailchimp, OneDrive, and other integrations to help you and your team stay collaborating within the Chanty app. Find out more features that Chanty has to help your team collaboration.

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Get quick access to your entire message history and easily find people from your team. Moreover, activate Conversation actions via the three-dot menu to pin messages, rename or leave conversations in a single click.

Kanban Board

If you are used to a Kanban Board to communicate and manage tasks, then do not fear because Chanty gives you the option to switch to a Kanban board at any time, as part and parcel of our team communication and collaboration tools.

Use the Kanban board view to enjoy a visually pleasing and simple layout that can help you effectively manage people and tasks. Assign and filter tasks by status, dates, and team members. Get started with Chanty today and discover how our team communication software is just what your business needs.

Kanban Board