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Lesson 6: Managing your time effectively

Managing your time effectively

Improving your time management comes down to setting goals for what you want to achieve within a given time period and prioritizing tasks that need the most attention.

In this lesson, we’ll identify common issues that reduce your productivity efficiency, as well as some simple tips and tricks for improving your time management.

Who or what is stealing your time?

Over the course of a day, there may be lots of distractions pulling you away from your work. These can be small, like answering phone calls and emails, responding to questions from colleagues, or maybe over-thinking tasks, but they all add up. If you’re trying to concentrate in a noisy office or you are at home and you don’t have the equipment you need to do the job effectively, it may be the work environment itself that is distracting. Or, it could be that integral parts of your day are making you less productive, like traveling to and from meetings.

Whether it’s procrastination, external factors, or interruptions affecting the amount of time wasted in your day, identifying these distractions is the first step towards having more productive things to do.

Here are some of the best time management practices:

  1. Set project goals and determine deadlines:

    You need to write in detail what results you are striving to achieve in the end. Also, you should set the most precise deadlines to understand how much time you have and what can be done to achieve the required goals and productive efficiency.

  2. Streamline communication among team members for increased employee productivity :

    Choose the right communication ways especially for your team. From daily in-person meetings to communication tools, you need to identify what works best for your team. Well-established communication is key to the productivity and success of every team .

  3. Track time and tweak accordingly

    Think about how to be productive yourself and the ways you can reduce the time that you spend on your tasks and increase productivity efficiency to understand the general pace of the process while working on any project. It will help to correctly estimate the results.

  4. Hold regular meetings and provide timely feedback

    Regular meetings with timely feedback will definitely help you to reach more understanding between team members and as a result, your company will experience much greater success by operating effectively and having a more productive day.

  5. Start working early in the morning:

    Most productive individuals begin their day early, as it provides more time for relaxation, reflection, and productivity. This approach also combats procrastination, which often occurs when we feel overwhelmed. As the day progresses, energy levels typically decrease, impacting both productivity and focus.

Following the tips mentioned above should reduce the time needed to successfully finish any given task and project for a more productive day.


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