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Super easy

  • Easy to start Created for Chanty

    Easy to start

    No IT background required. Simply enter your email address and a team name to create a team. Invite colleagues and you are ready to chat.

  • Easy to use Created for Chanty

    Easy to use

    Let our user-friendly interface surprise you. Even your company’s most technophobic employees will find Chanty addictively simple.

Twice as good

Chanty is faster and more affordable alternative to your current team chat.

We don't limit your message history and give you plenty of storage space to enjoy seamless communication with your team.

Get more for less

Unlimited message history

Never lose a single message. The chat history of your entire team is searchable from the very first message. What's written in Chanty stays in Chanty.
No limits. No hidden costs.


Make your team 30% more productive* Based on studies by independent researchers

Improve your team communication

  • Organized communication Created for Chanty

    Organized communication

    Create an open channel for a project, team or whatever you want to discuss. Make your team communication transparent and accessible. Need some privacy? Send direct messages to a person or a group.

  • File sharing made easy Created for Chanty

    File sharing made easy

    Drag and drop images, PDFs, spreadsheets or other files from your desktop. Once a file is in Chanty, it’s always there - no need to upload again. Need to send multiple files? Drag and drop to share as many files as you want.

  • Search anything Created for Chanty

    Search anything

    Instantly locate any message, file, link, emoji, notification or whatever you need to find.
    With Chanty simple search feature it has never been so easy. If you sent it in Chanty, you’d be able to find it fast.

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Chanty Chanty Simple AI-powered team chat. Collaboration software
5 5

Chanty-slack-alternative-quoteWe certainly love the simple interface and the chats, tasks, files and links are put together in an easy way to use.

5 5

Chanty-slack-alternative-quoteThanks, you are my new BFF... Making Chanty more fun and better than Slack! I'll support you guys all the way :)

5 5

Chanty-slack-alternative-quoteI like the simplicity of the platform and yet it has the major features we need.

Pyramid Coaches
5 5

Chanty-slack-alternative-quoteSeems like you've got a great product. The UI is amazing, please keep up the good work.

Grow Hack Scale
5 5

Chanty-slack-alternative-quoteI am excited about Chanty. Really. You make a great work.

5 5

Put an office into your pocket

Get work done from wherever you are. All your messages are synced across Chanty Mobile and Web App. Feel free to switch devices and never miss an important update! We’ve made sure your messages won’t get lost.

Chanty Team Communication App for iOS Chanty Team Communication App for Android

Import your team to Chanty

Import feature gives you an opportunity to transfer your message history and other team data from a third-party messenger directly to Chanty.

We support import from: Chanty-imports Get ready for import now

Wait, there’s more

  • Reach your team Created for Chanty

    Reach your team

    Reach your teammates with @mentions even on the go.
    Your colleagues will get push notifications to their phone.

  • Stay focused Created for Chanty

    Stay focused

    Choose notifications you want to receive. Too much distraction?
    Mute any conversation or enter do not disturb mode.

  • Keep it safe Created for Chanty

    Keep it safe

    Only your team has access to your messages. Chanty encrypts all the data you share. Your privacy is our priority.

  • Have some fun Created for Chanty

    Have some fun

    Add a little levity to your daily grind by incorporating emojis, animated gifs and bots in your communication.

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"Chanty Is Like Al Infused HipChat or Slack With More"

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