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Lesson 5: Toxic productivity

What is productivity?

It’s easy to recognize what’s taking you away from work in a professional space, but at home, your every personal issue distracts you from work; there are no clear boundaries. Chances are that you aren’t even aware that certain things may keep you from having a productive day. Toxic productivity are usually factors that are beyond our control. Being aware and recognizing distractions may help you avoid them during crucial working hours.

Home Chores: Chores are your excuse for delaying in getting started with the newest assignment looming over your head. You used to do laundry, cook, and clean even when you were going to the office, so why are these chores interfering with your work now? Set aside a specific time to do these chores. Family Members: No one can avoid them while at home, and especially when you have little kids who are quite demanding of your time. You need to be strict about your time, if you are serious about boosting your productivity while working remotely. Creating a timetable and finding common free time is a good idea.

Energy Burnout: It is natural to feel burnt out when you have been working constantly. Feeling constant energy burnouts can lead to negative productivity. Identifying burnout is the ultimate step in relieving yourself and having a more productive day.

Overcomplicated Office Processes: Complex systems and processes act as toxic productivity. A task that would only take 15 minutes would probably take longer to complete with unnecessary processes. It is best to review tasks from time to time, to identify where improvements can be made. If you’re feeling like work is exhausting and you’re constantly stressed out, it could be much more than just a phase—you may be suffering from burnout. We have a free e-book with advice from over 80 founders on how you can prevent burnout.


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