Security at Chanty

We are on your side when it comes to security. Chanty forces security protocols to safeguard sent and received data. Invite-only access to the team space guarantees the high level of privacy, zero spam and distractions.


Security features


Own your data

Your data belongs to you. End of story. All the messages you send are not only safely transferred and stored, but they are also protected against compliance-related exports.


Zero moderation

No Big Brother is watching you means that no one has a direct access to the database to find out about your messaging in Chanty.

  • security protocolsSecurity protocols for data transfer
  • data loss preventionsData loss prevention
  • invite onlyInvite-only access to the team space
  • file systemFile system and file storage encryption
  • penetration testsPenetration tests on application and infrastructure levels
  • storagesIsolated team storages
  • internal policiesExtensive internal policies
  • compliance audit policiesCompliance audit policies
  • data retentionData retention regulation

Chanty and the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Chanty respects your privacy and helps you understand your rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation, which took effect on May 25, 2018.

We have implemented the approaches, tools and processes to confirm our compliance with requirements outlined by the GDPR.

Explore our Privacy Policy to learn more about securing your personal information according to the GDPR.


Security measures we implemented to safeguard you and your data

scalability and reliability

Architecture Reliability

The database is replicated synchronously to help us quickly recover from a database failure. Preventively, we take regular snapshots of the database and securely store the snapshots on a separate data center. This guarantees database restoring in the event of a severe Amazon failure.

encrypted transactions

Encrypted Transactions

Chanty forces HTTPS using TLS (SSL), for all services including our public website. Web connections to all Chanty services are via TLS 1.2 and above. We support forward secrecy and AES-128-GCM, and prohibit insecure connections using TLS 1.1 and below or SSL 3.

data center security

Data Center Security

All servers we use at Chanty are hosted in secure, SAS 70 audited data centers. The servers are firewalled to permit the minimum traffic necessary to run the service.

Amazon ensures security with multiple certifications, including the SSAE 16. For more information on Amazon’s physical security processes, please visit

user features

User Features

Data visibility and sharing settings on a team space are determined by the conversation or the task type. Team space members decide which conversation to create – Public or Private.

Push notifications can show or hide the content to prevent data exposure.
Invite-only access via email guarantees zero spam and distractions.

product features

Product Features

Authentication – Chanty users authenticate via One-time codes which are more secure and harder to exploit compared to using a password. If any user decides to use a password instead, the passwords are secured using salted encryption.

User Management – team space administrators can deprovision team members from the application interface.

scalability and reliability

Guaranteed Uptime

Chanty uses Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service) to manage user data.

Chanty guarantees that architecture uptime meets 99.9% EC2 SLA requirements.

We are always ready to help

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