Morning Motivation

There is no better way to start your morning with some motivation. An inspirational and motivated start to your morning guarantees a productive day. Since Chanty promises an increase in employee productivity, we aim at bringing some other interesting elements that will contribute to your morning motivation and as a result boost your productivity at work.

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Healthy Morning Habit Cards

A healthy morning routine can elevate your entire day’s productive energy. It makes a noticeable difference in your mental health and work chores. As soon as you wake up, everything you do decides the willpower of your brain. This willpower can do wonders for you and your daily routines. So here are some morning routine tips that you can adapt for a healthy and productive day.

Drink water before your coffee or tea
Eat a healthy breakfast
Take a walk
Take your vitamins
Make time to exercise
Do some brain exercises
Do not press snooze
Prepare a journal
Stretch your body
Wake up early
Connect with loved ones
Take a nice shower
Avoid your phone early morning
Write or review your daily to-do list
Wear your sunblock
Make your bed

Morning Motivational Quotes

Our collection of morning motivational quotes aim to help you start the day with enthusiasm and compassion. Positive start of the day has a lot of power in itself since it sets the tone for the entire day that follows. Therefore, it is essential to begin your day with a motivational thought and what's a better way to do that than reading a motivational quote? With that being said, here are some motivational quotes to get you going.

Walt Disney quote
Peter Drucker quote
Muhammad Ali quote
Larry Page quote
Warren Buffett quote
Ralph Waldo Emerson quote
Tim Ferriss quote
George Eliot quote
Wayne Huizenga quote

Motivational Ted Talks

There are days when we all feel down, either from bad news at work, a passive aggressive co-worker’s behavior or a job you didn’t get selected for. On such days, we usually feel like sitting back curled in our beds.

For days when you feel down or wake up with little motivation, Chanty presents some of it’s favourite motivational Ted-Talks that you can watch for some inspirational boost. So just sit back, relax and enjoy some wise words with a cup of coffee.

Erica Joy Baker - How do we bridge the "anxiety gap" at work?

Do you recall a time when you felt like an outsider somewhere? Imagine feeling this way everyday at work. This may be what people from different backgrounds feel and it halts their productivity and motivational levels at work. Erica Joy Baker talks about how she overcame the "anxiety gap" firsthand and offers suggestions on how to do so.

Shawn Anchor - The happy secret to better work

To be happy, should you work hard? Or is it the other way round? Shawn Achor, a psychologist, explains in this fast-paced and hilarious talk that happiness really motivates us to be more productive.

Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action

Starting with a golden circle and the question, "Why?" Simon Sinek has a simple but effective model for successful leadership. Before discussing the "how" or "what", he emphasizes the significance of defining the "why" of what you do. Before you figure out what you want to do, you must first figure out what motivates you.

Dan Pink - The puzzle of motivation

Dan Pink, a career analyst, delves into the mystery of motivation, beginning with a fact that most executives are unaware of traditional rewards that aren't always as successful as we assume. Listen to enlightening tales — and perhaps a path ahead.

Your Morning Journal

Writing a journal is a great practice that can help you maximize on various perspectives, become more efficient and motivated, dwell on your decisions and accomplishments, and become a healthier, less stressful individual.

Start your day penciling in 100-500 words that can help clear your mind, focus your thinking for the day, and empower you to make changes in your life. So, here’s your chance to write and download your personalized journal on Chanty.

Keeping a journal about your objectives can help you define what you want and inspire you to think about the how and why, rather than just the what.

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