12 Morning Motivation Tips to Kickstart a Productive Week

Morning motivation

While it may be difficult, you shouldn’t ideally hurry into your day or despise mornings. They’re meant to be the highlight of the day.

We have the perfect morning motivation ideas for you to empower your early hour routines and transform the mornings of your life.

In this blog, you’ll uncover why mornings are so important for not only your day but your entire lifestyle and different ideas on how you can make them more motivated and inspirational.

Most of these ideas aim to bring you success at work and add productivity to your everyday life. You’ll be much more likely to achieve your individual goals if you wake up motivated and ready to tackle the day.

Your sleep cycle matters for a morning motivation

A good morning starts the night before. So when you get in bed, make sure you are not stuck to your laptop or phone – this will help you sink into a state of peace and fall asleep quickly. Before you even go to sleep, you can also listen to some good music or read a chapter from an inspirational book.

Light exercising or inhaling some fresh air might also help you prepare for a restful sleep. Moreover, make sure that three hours before you intend to sleep, you avoid all the munching. Getting a straight 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is very important to wake up fresh and energetic in the morning.

And remember, waking up early in the morning can help you get a lot of tasks done before the day ends.

Have a healthy breakfast

What you eat determines who you are. According to studies published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, the more fruits and vegetables a person consumes in a day, the calmer, more innovative, and more involved they are — a compelling reason to increase your intake of fruits.

Plus, if you consume a bad breakfast or don’t eat any at all, you’ll be malnourished all day, and it’s tough to focus when you don’t have the desired energy.

Need to find your morning motivation?

Drink water

Once you sleep, your system becomes dehydrated, leaving you tired when you wake up. You should drink at least two glasses of water as soon as you wake up. It will wake you up and get you pumped for the day ahead. You may also place a jug or glass of water next to your bed so you may drink from it easily first thing in the morning.

Don’t snooze

Snoozing your alarm can put you in a bad mood if you don’t get up right away. Restless sleep, which occurs every 10-15 minutes, causes more harm than gain. Place your alarm on the opposite side of the room so you have no choice but to get out of bed to silence it!

Boost your mornings by reading some motivational quotes 

Positive affirmations have a lot of power, as you probably know. There is, however, a way to increase the impact of this on your subconsciousness. If you fuel your mind with good images and phrases as soon as you wake up, you have no alternative but to let the law of attraction play for you, bringing you just the things and situations that will help you achieve your goals.

So let’s do it properly.

Take a paper and a pen in the morning when you wake up, and jot down some positive statements about your present and future lives. Consider what you want to accomplish in the coming years and write it down as though it had happened. You’ll experience an immediate surge in motivation, which will serve as the foundation for your morning inspiration.

Motivate your mornings with inspirational videos

A song may not be enough for some of us; perhaps you require a more clear signal, or perhaps you can easily block out music as background noise. A good idea, in this case, would be to watch some inspirational videos. If you need a fast burst of inspiration, these videos will get your blood flowing.

Chanty has compiled several inspirational TedTalks that update each month to help users get boosted with motivation. 

Don’t forget to exercise

Stretching and exercising have been scientifically confirmed to release the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which aid to improve long-term memory and mood. As a result, exercising first thing in the morning is a natural approach to enhance your mood and increase your energy.

Write a morning journal

Make a list of all the things you want to achieve every day in a journal. It’s easy to get carried away or lose sight of what you really want to accomplish, but by maintaining a list beside you, you can always refer to it to remind yourself of your priorities.

The more items on your to-do list you check off, the more driven you will get. Chanty has prepared a special downloadable journal that you can print and pen your thoughts down on.

Dress well

With the popularity of remote work on the rise, it can be tempting to work in your pajamas. Getting out of your pajamas and into regular clothes will help you have a more productive day, and looking good is one of the first steps to having a good day.

Your attire may make or break your day; if you feel good in it, you’ll feel more confident. Making your outfit something you enjoy wearing will help you stay motivated throughout the day.

Get down to doing something different

Routine can quickly become monotonous. It can make you lose interest because you’re doing the same thing every day. Take a different path to work, visit a café you’ve never visited before, and order something from the menu you’ve never tried before.

Doing simple things adds diversity to your life, which can help you not only feel more energized but also motivated.

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Embrace gratitude

Developing a grateful attitude might also help you find morning motivation. That involves continually reminding ourselves of our achievements and anticipating the several excellent things that are soon to come our way.

You will begin to live in prosperity without altering anything if you do so. And that’s a game-changer when it comes to being enthusiastic in the morning and staying motivated till day end.  It will change the way you think about other matters, such as co-worker relationships, work troubles, life’s uncertainties, poor lifestyle choices, and so on.

You’ll keep your priorities in order and make the proper judgments and activities for the entire day if you wake up motivated, inspired, and thankful every morning. Assessing your day and evaluating what went well, as well as thinking of ways to do better tomorrow, is an easy motivator to add to this.

Spread the positivity and motivational energy

And lastly, if you know someone who needs a boost of motivation then send them some motivational healthy habit cards, or inspirational videos to start off their day or even share this article with them.

Spreading positivity and motivational energies will not only motivate your peers or family but also help you stay up-to-date on such activities and remain motivated. 

Wrap Up!

These success behaviors will help you gain traction. You won’t be sidetracked by anything less essential going on in your life and won’t be caught following other objectives that aren’t good for you if you complete such routines at the start and end of each day.

All of this begins with waking up early in the morning and seeking morning motivation.

Ammara Tariq

Ammara is a Marketing Manager at Chanty - a collaborative team chat, with a plan to take her team to new heights. With an everlasting love for marketing tactics, she’s also very fond of research writing and hopes to spread delight and knowledge to her readers.

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