Chanty for
Marketing Agencies

Less formal than an email and less time-consuming than a phone call or online session, Chanty's features allow your marketing team to be more economical with their words and time, without sacrificing the quality of communication.

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All your communication in one palce

Keep all your communication under a single roof

Chanty’s team communication software helps your marketing team easily share files, discuss approaches and achieve targets with your team, clients, or contractors in real-time.

Automate your marketing workflows

Chanty helps you use today’s leading marketing tools from within the app. You can keep analyzing CTRs or NPS data and building reports using the tools and software you already know and love.

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Google drive

Apps that Chanty can connect to go beyond communication

Achieve a new level of productivity with third-party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and other apps.

Free your time from switching between multiple apps and accumulate collaborative efforts in a single place.

Google drive

Improve client
satisfaction and retention

Work hand-in-hand with your clients, even when you’re working on multiple client accounts at once, to keep them happy with the results and confident that everything’s under control.

Invite guests
Built-in task manager

Use built-in task manager
to stay productive

Start task discussions in one click to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Manage dynamically
using Kanban board

Enjoy a flexible, visual and simple way to execute scrum methodology and manage your tasks in one place. Assign and filter tasks by status, dates and people.

Manage Kanban board
Task details



Getting everyone on to a single platform for communication was key. Initially we used Slack, but when we passed the 5 member mark, we shifted to Ryver and used it pretty successfully for over a year, but when they moved away from the freemium model unexpectedly, we did not have the budget to continue. Budget is key for us, as a very small business.


We still leverage email, but all the daily interactions and quick notes run through Chanty. The public channels are great for things like new employee announcements, etc., and the private channels help isolate the noise (especially for our engineers who could not really care less about what we’re doing in Marketing).


As early adopters of Chanty we are able to use all the perks of freemium as well as suggest improvements on look & feel for the entire platform.

Cheryl Wetheringtona

VP of Product and Customer Success at Viewpath, one of the leading providers of enterprise-grade project and portfolio management solutions.