Team Communication Software

Team communication software gives your organization and business the best tools to enable effective communication within your team.

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Simple and efficient features

Team Communication without sacrificing its quality

Chanty’s simple and efficient features allow you to streamline your team communication without sacrificing its quality, allowing multiple team members to communicate effectively and efficiently across projects as they need.

Chanty has the tools your business needs to get teams communicating on projects and among each other to help your team collaborate better than ever before. Sign up today with Chanty to discover the best team communication software on the market.

What is Team Communication Software?

Team productivity

Team Communication software helps members of a team or a project to communicate efficiently, seamlessly, and effectively among themselves. Improving team communication is one of the most effective ways of increasing team productivity.

Discussions between teams

Chanty’s team communication software is perfectly designed to make conversations and discussions between teams simpler and more effective than ever before, improving teamwork across multiple projects.

Personalize your messages

Chanty’s software gives you the option to personalize your messages without the need for formal email etiquette, providing a viable and credible alternative to Slack and other software on the market.

Build a strong and connected team base

Ideal for all types of businesses, from marketing to retail and beyond, Chanty helps improve your team productivity while building a strong and connected team base.

What Team Communication Features Does Chanty Have?

As the best team communication software, Chanty has numerous features that help businesses and their employees communicate seamlessly and hassle-free. Team communication software can do wonders for organizations and businesses, ensuring seamless collaboration between teams and employees at all times.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a realtor, or a marketing agency Chanty has the right tools to help your team communicate and interact on a single and easy-to-use platform, which greatly helps to delegate, build team rapport, and develop a productive business environment.

Chanty’s team communication software has a number of features that improve team communication, which can do wonders for all business types.

Team Communication Features

Improving Team Accountability and Engagement With Communication Tools

Task management with Chanty

Chanty allows businesses to improve team accountability by setting tasks to specific people with clearly defined parameters and requirements.

With Chanty, businesses can monitor who has completed which tasks during specific time frames and allow tasks to be set at different times of the day, depending on where specific team members may be located.

Chanty’s team communication tool also enables you to set reminders and priorities so that employees are aware of their tasks in a more consistent manner. With a custom task list for each team member, it is easy to know who should be doing which tasks and when, all improving team communication for your business or organization.

Chanty’s team communication software also provides the ability to send files of any type, from any place, at any time. If employees are out of the office, in another country or just working remotely, they can still use Chanty to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Team Communication Software That Integrates With Other Applications

Chanty’s team communication software easily integrates with other applications that can assist you and your business; e.g. with Gmail, Dropbox, Calendar Apps, Slack and other integrations , allowing you to get the most out of Chanty.

Integrating with similar communication tools and collaboration software allows you to have all of your team communication in one place – the Chanty App. This enables you to communicate much more effectively, not having to bounce around thousands of apps just to get through a simple task.

Organize different tasks and chats Chanty

Chanty’s integration features also aid organization. You can organize different tasks and chats in the order that you want, allowing you to tackle tasks one step at a time through effective team communication.

Moreover, you can seamlessly organize your communication-related tasks in either team chats or private 1-on-1 chats to ensure that you are sharing the right information in the right places and communicating with the right people at the right times.

Streamline Communication With Chanty

Communication is seamless on Chanty, be it with just one other person or a whole team. Our team communication tool was designed with clarity and simplicity-of-use at its forefront.

You can chat directly and securely with one team member in a private chat or with multiple people in a group. Create special groups for specific tasks with the right people, so that everyone can have the information they need to succeed in one place.

Let your whole team know about business changes or anything else going on by using @team to mention everyone in a private chat, or @here to get the attention of everyone in the entire team space. You can @ multiple people or a single person so that they know the message is for them.

Organize different tasks and chats Chanty
Organize different tasks and chats Chanty
Task management with Chanty

Chanty also gives you the ability to have real-time chats with colleagues whenever necessary so that important messages do not get lost in email etiquette. The beauty of our team communication software is that teams can communicate and get straight to the point, unlike emails and other communication tools. Chanty, however, can also help you keep it fun with GIFs, emojis, and much more.

If you want to involve clients and external contributors in discussions on Chanty, you can give clients permission to see the relevant and necessary chats on Chanty. With permission settings, you can make sure that clients see the information they should see without seeing the information you don’t want them to.

Chatting with customers on Chanty is just another way you can streamline your team communication to make sure it is effective and productive like never before.

Keep Team Communication in One Place

Since Chanty helps you to keep all your communication in one place, you don’t have to go through different apps or email threads to find the information you need for a single task. You also will not need to trawl through multiple tools to figure out who needs to do what, when, and for what purpose. With Chanty, everything is under a single, easy-to-use roof.

To make things more efficient and easier than ever, you can have all your information clearly set out for you by the Chanty App. You can access the Chanty App on your phone, computer or tablet, allowing you to keep communicating with your team at all times.

Chat through 4K video calls or simply through the chat and find out how Chanty’s team communication software can supercharge your business communication.

Sharing announcements has never been easier than with the Chanty App. With just a few simple clicks you can tell the whole team about a new plan or task.

Keep Team Communication in One Place