6 Best Employee Engagement Ideas

February 3, 2020
6 min read

The secret to the success of any establishment relies significantly on its employees. A workplace that encourages doing one’s best and provides motivation results in a workforce with individuals who are committed to their organization’s goals and values. 

Employee engagement works to the benefit of an entity on many levels. It is all about team members having a clear understanding of the organization’s objectives and voicing their views and ideas. 

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It is also about empowerment, constructive feedback, and help in gaining skills and receiving recognition for the deeds. These are the very elements that do construct a positive work environment. In such circumstances, workers become the greatest advocates and loyal parties of their organization and individual job. 

For all its merits, there is no single means or some panacea on how one can achieve impactful employee engagement. The rules vary depending on the brand, the structure, the culture, and the individuals. 

Anyway, considering the importance of a healthy workplace and its impact on the lives of all involved, it might be time to revamp your schemes for this year. Here are some ideas to get you started with.

Improve your team communication with Chanty

Improve your team communication with Chanty

Motivation Serves Better Than Management

The boss mentality might not be the best way to yield the best outcomes. Employees prefer to be coached rather than managed. They want a system where they are advised, coached, and nurtured. That is why providing constructive feedback is crucial. 

For example, in many academic writing services like EssayPro, every writer is given individual attention to ensure that they attain their best potential in the field. There is a specially assigned manager who keeps track of the authors’ progress and helps one meet the requirements of students.

The fact is that it is common knowledge that great managers are not the ones who bring people down. They are the people able and ready to “infect” the team with the power of their vision and dreams.

Such leaders are always passionate about what they do and how they present the process and the results. The logic behind their statements is always compelling, and arguments never lack reasoning.

Though this may sound like the idealistic cliche from an international bestseller on leadership, one thing is evident in any workplace. Proper daily motivation serves ways better than scrutinizing management.

Organizations, where employees receive effective and consistent professional coaching, can improve business results tremendously. Recognitions and awards will also help in reassuring workers that their efforts are being appreciated. 

The Greatest Onboarding Experience

As measured by Gallup, there is an increase of 21% in profitability among organizations with high-engaged teams. And this engagement starts right from day one. 

While it might take some time to develop a solid perception, the first impression has a significant impact. That is why your strategy should focus on creating a positive experience for staff from the very beginning of cooperation. 

It would be a great idea to plan some activities for orientation for newly hired. Consider providing a platform for them to mingle with the other team members. The first week should also focus on communicating the expectations clearly and providing access to all necessary resources. 

Equal, Diverse and Inclusive Environment 

Improving inclusivity in your organization should be prioritized at all circumstances. It is only good common sense to create a workspace where each and every person feels valued, respected, and comfortable. Beyond that, it is also beneficial for the performance of your company. 

Diversity in the office is paramount for the company’s success. Entities with above-average gender diversity seem to outperform others by 46% to 58% in the last couple of years. 

Inclusion policies have to run hand-in-hand with the office culture and experience.

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Offer Scope for Personal Development 

Investing in personal growth is a powerful way to increase employee engagement and benefit both the staff and the organization as a whole. By providing opportunities for personal and professional development, employees are more likely to feel valued and committed to the company over the long term. In turn, this can lead to higher levels of engagement, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

Make sure that if there is a challenge involved, it should be developed in a healthy manner without unnecessary competition. You can also set up an environment for learning, organizing workshops, and events where employees can attend and develop their skills for future roles. 

Focus on Health, Both Physical and Mental 

Every single aspect in the office, right from the working hours to the people around, can influence an employee’s perception and performance. A 2015 article discusses how the temperature of the office adversely affects productivity. 53% find their office too cold, whereas 71% blame the heat for less productivity. 

The American Institute of Stress claims that 12% of employees call in sick due to job stress. It stands to reason that if everyone is operating at their best health, they are going to be more focused on work. 

An aspect that greatly benefits workers’ mental health is the sense of security. A common concern of employees is their cyber-security at the workspace. To dispel any worries they may have (as well as protect your own business data nd prevent compromised personal information!), one can employ dedicated team security solutions such as VPN for teams. This safety measure is particularly necessary for employees who work remotely and might use insecure internet connections, so make sure to provide appropriate VPN services for Windows or iOS operating systems

It is highly recommended to initiate fitness groups or provide discounts on the subscription at local gyms. The same emphasis has to be made on mental health as well to reap benefits. 

Be Open to Employees’ Feedback 

It is not only crucial that you employ the necessary measures for workers’ engagement. You should also understand whether it is coming directly from the staff. 

To attain this, there has to be a feedback-safe environment where people are confident to speak up. If they are afraid of the negative repercussions, there will never be honesty. 

Provide open, two-way communication between the organization and management. You can also create multiple channels. While it is suggested that monitoring is good, do not imply that the individuals are always being watched.

Final Words

Once one succeeds in creating a workspace that encourages happiness and a system where employees feel valued, it wouldn’t be hard to nurture an office where people want to work. 

At the end of the day, reinforcing a perfectly healthy company, the culture will certainly have a positive impact on business growth. 

Comprehensive development programs should target leaders, managers, and workers at all levels. This should be one of the fundamental considerations of all organizations. 

Improve your team communication with Chanty

Improve your team communication with Chanty