Meet Chanty – free AI-powered Slack alternative

If you are searching for the Slack alternative, look no further. Chanty is on a mission to humanize business processes with a simple team chat powered by artificial intelligence.

Chanty Is Like AI Infused HipChat or Slack With More

Why Chanty?

  • Smarter

    The artificial intelligence powering Chanty uses machine learning to predict responses for those tiring routine situations that appear in everyday business workflows. Enjoy smarter, AI-first approach to communication with Chanty. No more extra typing. Just choose the reply that fits best for you and leave the rest for Chanty AI.

  • Faster

    Chanty understands that time is money in the business world. Our Slack chat alternative saves you time spent on communication. That need for speed is satisfied by optimization of instant messages delivery time, twice faster file sharing and artificial intelligence, predicting responses on top of that to help you get more things done in your day.

  • More affordable

    Small teams in bootstrapped self-invested startups or SMBs with tight financing conditions will benefit from Chanty pricing. As a free alternative to Slack with no message history limit you still get access to most of Chanty features. The paid plans are twice more affordable compared to Slack chat as well.

  • More storage

    Every company or a team needs room to grow. When it comes to file storage, the best Slack alternative for you is Chanty. We provide all our customers with twice more room for their files in Chanty team space making it twice more convenient for you to store and share multiple files when collaborating within your team.

Outstanding productivity

Improve your team’s performance. Chanty is designed to boost collaboration and reduce the time your team spends on emails, meetings and communication with colleagues.

Super easy

We won’t overload you with confusing features. Chanty is easy to start and easy to use team chat with intuitive and crystal clear user interface.

Unlimited message history

Never lose a single message. The chat history of your entire team is searchable from the very first message. What's written in Chanty stays in Chanty. No limits. No hidden costs.

We are always ready to help

Got a question? Our 24/7 will go the extra mile so you can have easy and enjoyable experience with Chanty.

Your team will love Chanty