Chanty for
Logistic Companies

Automate all your logistic communications for last mile delivery reschedules or confirmations. Link air, land, sea, rail & road freight issues via structured communication by taking advantage of Chanty's features.

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Develop a deeper employee and partner relationship

Chanty organizes all your team communications under a single roof.

Talking frequently with your field employees will develop a better relationship between your company’s departments, maintaining high quality standards facing your end customer.

You can also enhance the quality of communication between all your logistic partners as Chanty provides a seamless experience.

Real-time chat for addressing en route incidents

Whatever the reason, real-time chat works great to quickly and efficiently solve any problem and establish a better communication flow between the logistic managers and the field workers.

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Task management

Improve your
business with built-in
task management

Turn any message into a task to enjoy a smarter collaboration with field workers.

Unlike a phone call, there will be logs of the conversations in the platform to do follow ups and make further analysis with the data.

Communication software like Chanty will allow your logistic business to flourish in a more efficient way.

Optimize your schedule by switching to Kanban board view

Many logistics managers need to document their warehouse inventory, negotiate rates, contact carriers, send payments receipts, etc. Control status and priority in a flexible, visual and simple way to perform all your logistics tasks more efficiently.

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Kanban task card



Slack provided us a platform with only channels for our team to update the daily operations / maintenance related issue.


With Chanty we are also able to have task assignments and to close off task by task. Each member is able to check which of their respective tasks is outstanding.


With tasks being assigned correctly, each member will focus on clearing off their respective task and there is also a sense of fulfillment and fruitfulness as they cross off their task. This also eliminates any forgetfulness or overlooking of any task. Overall, the productivity and job satisfaction is higher as tasks done are on record.

Soo Mei

Head of the Admin & HR Department in ARCHIPELAGO, a logistics company of 180 pax.