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Chanty for Restaurants

Improve employee productivity and workplace communication at your restaurants by investing in a tool like Chanty. With the help of Chanty's features you can now easily collaborate and boost your team’s morale. With collaboration and communication made simpler, employees will be more motivated and as a result serve customers better.

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Chat one-on-one or in groups, use mantions mobile view

Streamline employee communication

Chat one-on-one or in groups

Need to sync up with your employees? Chat directly with your team through personal or group direct messages. Keep it fun with some food and drink GIFs, emojis, and photos!

Keep everyone in-sync with team-wide announcements

Let your team know about business changes, new food and drinks menu items, special promos, or anything else going on in the restaurant using @team or @here.

Empower employees to collaborate with Chanty communication software

Submit time off and availability on the go

Whether it’s a lunch or coffee break, your employees can easily submit time off and availability requests from anywhere on their mobile app. Restaurant managers can approve requests or clarify anything in a call or a quick voice message.

Google drive
Google calendar

Chanty can connect seamless apps with what matters

Integrate with critical systems and reporting tools

Add your “must have” scheduling & rostering systems to enjoy everything in one place. Receive notifications, forward updates and discuss urgent things effectively.

Google drive
Google calendar
Permissions settings

Maintain control and compliance within your restaurant

Set and control roles or privileges within the restaurant team

Mirror the internal hierarchies you have in place by setting custom permissions and allow specific employees access.

Improve your restaurant team’s accountability & engagement

Empower your team to get work done with the Chanty communication tool

Your staff will know exactly what to do with custom task lists assigned for each shift in Kanban boards view. Set reminders, priorities, and track their productivity throughout the day by monitoring who completed what task, and when.

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