Guest Post Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in submitting a guest post for Chanty blog. We hope you’ve already read our recent blog posts, understood our style, storytelling approach and realized which of your ideas will bring the most value to our readers.

Great! You are on your way to submission. It’s time to let you know the general info about Chanty, our blog and guidelines. 

Chanty is a team collaboration tool. We’ve designed Chanty to help small businesses simplify team communication, making it more organized and teams more productive. You can always find more information on our website

Chanty Blog is a source for all things in communication, collaboration and productivity. Our audience is mostly top management, business owners and startup founders. And we’d like to keep the content simple yet relevant to them. We publish articles written by our content marketing team, along with guest posts from experts in their field.


Blog categories we accept guest posts for:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Productivity
  • Technology

Finally, these Guest post guidelines will help you decide if Chanty Blog is the right place for your submission.

Content guidelines

  1. We are looking for well-researched posts that include hands-on experience, tips, best practices, do not repeat existing blog posts or present a unique angle on the already covered topics.
  2. We do not accept poorly written and self-promotional articles that bring zero value to our readers.
  3. Double-check that you read a few recent posts to get the voice, tone and style we use on the blog.
  4. Although the ideas you share, must bring value to our audience, your article should be easy to read and understand for most people as well.
  5. Make sure you actually try a product or service, before recommending it in your blog post.
  6. We value original content only. All the images or other media content you use should come with proper attribution. Send them in a separate zip file and also appropriately include in the document, so we know where everything should go.
  7. We reserve the right to edit or adapt your guest post to make sure it fits our blog the right way, as well as the right to update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
  8. Attach a plagiarism report.
  9. Do SEO optimization and add keywords.
  10. Include relevant copy-free images.
  11. Include a catchy meta description.
  12. Paragraphs must be properly segmented with H1, H2, H3.
  13. Add internal links to the Chanty blog.

Guest post guidelines

  1. In terms of style, Chanty Blog uses AP Style for all articles. In case you want to go deep into the writing guide, check out The Elements of Style by W. Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White.
  2. It goes without saying, that you should run spell and readability check through your guest post.
  3. Check that your guest post is of 2K+ words to work best for our audience.
  4. We encourage using the storytelling approach. Here’s the writing style that we absolutely love.
  5. Take time to write a short 1-2 sentence intro paragraph. The blog’s main page will display up to 40 words, take that into account while writing.
  6. When it comes to blog post formatting, we use the ‘initial caps’ or title case for H1 headings only. E.g. 5 Components of Effective Team Communication. Don’t capitalize articles, prepositions and conjunctions. As for all other headings/subheadings (H2 and onwards), make sure to use sentence case. E.g. Benefits collaboration offers your company.
  7. Check that you are using “–”, not “-” in your texts.
  8. Make your blog post title as short and clear as possible. In the case with lengthy titles, put the meaningful part first, and don’t use marketing buzzwords that are irrelevant to your article.
  9. Numbers are fine in the titles, just make sure they don’t feel like clickbait and are related to your article. Try using Co-Scedule Headline Analyzer or its alternatives to make sure your title performs well.
  10. Get creative and divide your article into sections using subheadings. Make sure the sections follow consistent logic and develop a story in your article.
  11. For the reader’s sake, try to keep your paragraphs short, meaningful and easy to understand. The same goes for the sentences. Double-check which words or phrases can be left out and don’t forget about dividing a long sentence in two.
  12. Avoid using running sentences or making one-sentence paragraphs.
  13. Format with bold the key ideas or important moments in your blog post. It’s upon you to make them tweetable, 280 characters-long, for the readers to share. Please, make a note for us which parts should be tweetable in the final draft of your post.
  14. Talk to the audience directly, using a friendly, conversational style. You are free to use contractions, it’s not a formal text.
  15. Be yourself and share your thoughts to support the storytelling approach. Use the first-person pronoun“I”, not “we” if it’s not an article about multiple people. However, don’t write anything you wouldn’t say in real life. Stay consistent with the overall voice of the brand, but keep true to yourself and use your own style. That’s what readers value the most for sure.
  16. Support your blog post adding links to recent industry researches and studies from credible sources. Try to dig up the original link once possible, avoid linking to a random article that mentions a study or research.
  17. Do your best to avoid citing our competitors (business messengers and team communication tools). If you absolutely must cite some information that comes from such companies, try to find data reports or infographics, created by a third-party citing the information you need.
  18. End your article with a clear and concise conclusion. Sum up the key takeaways, explain what value your post has brought to the readers and motivate them to engage in the comments.

Once your submission is successful, we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. Your content will be published under your name and byline.

As for backlinks, we allow 1 do-follow link in the text.

Please note that we don’t respond to unsuccessful submissions, due to the volume of requests received. That’s why, if you don’t hear from us within one week, feel free to publish your guest post elsewhere.

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