5 Communication Matrix Templates

As workplaces have become more diverse and remote, keeping everyone informed has become challenging. 

But don’t worry there’s a helpful tool called a communication matrix that can make this task easier. 

Whether you work in corporate communications or manage projects, this tool improves how information is shared. It helps with quick decision-making and ensures messages reach the right people. 

In our step-by-step guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about using a communication matrix. Plus, we’ll provide a free template that you can customize for your organization. 

Are you ready to get started? Let’s begin with a simple explanation.

What is a communication matrix?

A communication matrix is an uncomplicated tool that ensures key players stay informed. It provides essential project information like project owners, deadlines, status, and objectives.

The importance of using a communication matrix lies in its various benefits:

  • Enhanced communication across departments: Having all project elements in a single matrix facilitates effective communication and collaboration between team members from different departments.
  • Optimized resource utilization: With clear responsibilities assigned, team members can swiftly address issues, leading to efficient use of resources.
  • Expedited decision-making: Stakeholders and leaders always have access to essential information, enabling quicker and more efficient decision-making. Any approval delays are likely due to other reasons, not the communication matrix.

How is a communication matrix used?

A communication matrix is a simple, one-page summary of your project’s communication plan. It works well for various tasks, whether it’s a one-time project like launching a new intranet or an ongoing initiative like a monthly staff newsletter. It also helps with teamwork and tracking progress.

The matrix includes essential details, such as:

  • Content: What message needs to be delivered, whether it’s an update or a regular report.
  • Purpose: The reason for the communication, whether to inform, educate, or request feedback.
  • Frequency: How often the communication occurs, be it daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Audience: The specific group of people the message is intended for, like project team members or a particular department.
  • Deliverable: The type of output, like a slide deck, status report, video, or podcast.
  • Communication channel: The medium through which the message will be delivered, considering the diverse workforce, including remote and office-based employees.
  • Owner: The person responsible for delivering the communication, such as the project leader or internal communications manager.

You can customize the matrix according to your needs, adding elements like budget monitoring, approval processes, and success metrics, such as download counts, likes, or intranet page views. The communication matrix empowers you to stay organized and effective in managing your project’s communication strategy.

5 templates for communication matrix 

Here are five simple and useful templates to make a communication matrix. These templates will help you improve how you communicate, making sure the right messages reach the right people through the best channels and at the right times.

Template 1: Project Communication Matrix

EmailProject updatesTeam membersProject statusWeeklyProject Manager
MeetingsCollaborationEntire teamBrainstormingBiweeklyFacilitator
SlackUrgent messagesKey stakeholdersAction itemsAs neededProject Manager
Project PortalResource sharingAll employeesDocumentsOngoingTeam Leads
Weekly ReportsProgress trackingManagementMilestonesWeeklyProject Manager

Template 2: Crisis Communication Matrix

EmailCrisis updatesLeadershipSituation reportAs neededCrisis Manager
Press ReleasePublic updatesMediaOfficial statementsAs neededPublic Relations
Internal MemoEmployee updatesAll employeesSafety measuresAs neededHR Department
Social MediaPublic awarenessGeneral publicResponse actionsReal-timeSocial Media Team
Crisis HotlineEmergency callsCustomersSupport options24/7Customer Support

Template 3: Marketing Communication Matrix

Social MediaBrand awarenessTarget audiencePromotional contentDailyMarketing Team
Email CampaignProduct updatesSubscribersNew offeringsMonthlySales Team
Blog PostsThought leadershipWebsite visitorsIndustry insightsWeeklyContent Team
WebinarsLead generationProspective clientsProduct demosBiweeklySales Team
Influencer CollaborationReach expansionInfluencer partnersProduct reviewsQuarterlyMarketing Team

Template 4: Employee Communication Matrix

IntranetCompany updatesAll employeesCorporate newsWeeklyHR Department
Town HallCompany updatesAll employeesQ&A sessionMonthlyLeadership Team
NewsletterDepartment newsSpecific teamsTeam achievementsBiweeklyDepartment Heads
Training SessionsSkill developmentNew employeesProfessional growthOnboardingTraining Team
Employee SurveysFeedback collectionAll employeesEngagement checkAnnuallyHR Department

Template 5: Stakeholder Communication Matrix

Stakeholder MeetingsProject updatesStakeholdersProgress reportMonthlyProject Manager
NewslettersNews sharingInterested partiesProject newsQuarterlyCommunications Team
PresentationsProgress updatesDecision-makersMilestone reviewAs neededProject Manager
WebinarsInformation sharingTarget stakeholdersExpert insightsSeasonalSubject Matter Experts

Who is the communication matrix for?

In today’s diverse and dispersed workplaces, maintaining seamless communication becomes a challenge, especially with remote, in-office, hybrid, or mobile personnel. 

A communication matrix offers a strategic, high-level overview, ensuring all communication requirements are met, even in complex scenarios involving different devices, time zones, and shift patterns. 

While internal communications teams benefit significantly from using the matrix, project managers and colleagues collaborating across functions find it equally valuable. The simplicity of this planning tool lies in its one-page format, which highlights outputs, deadlines, and deliverables to keep projects on track. 

The matrix’s ease of drafting and updating allows communications professionals and project leaders to focus on efficiently completing their tasks.

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