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Forward Files and Links

Chanty saves you time copy-pasting files and links, allowing to forward them to another conversation. Forward files and links on web or desktop apps Mouse over the message with a file or link Click... Read more

Delete Files and Links

Chanty lets you delete messages with files and links in case you no longer need them. Delete messages on web or desktop apps Mouse over the file or link you want to delete Click     the... Read more

Edit Links

You can edit messages with links on Chanty. Edit messages on web or desktop apps Mouse over the message you want to edit Click the    three-dots icon to open the Message actions menu Choose the... Read more

Send Files and Links

Chanty lets you send files and links to make your messages more collaboration-oriented. Uploaded files and links are stored, organized and easily searchable across your team space. You can send files... Read more

Search and browse files & links

Search anything field in the left sidebar Enter the keywords to find messages with files or links in the left sidebar Search field. You will see all conversations and messages which include the... Read more

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