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How to expand the number of members? With the time your team grows not only its knowledge and experience but its number as well. There are two ways to expand your team size: Get more Appsumo codes... Read more


We make sure you’ve got seamless experience using Chanty across your devices and platforms. That’s why Chanty team chat apps are available on: Desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux (Debian and... Read more

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Got feature requests, ideas or suggestions? Want to report a bug? We’d love to hear your feedback! On your web or desktop Click the Help & Support icon on the web or desktop app. Fill in Let... Read more

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Chanty is on a mission to simplify communication, making your team more productive. We work on user experience to eliminate the learning curve for people using the app. Product tour helps all the new... Read more

Manage Notifications

Notifications let you know what’s new and what’s happening on your team space in Chanty. How notifications work? Chanty can notify you about a new message, @mention or task update you’ve missed... Read more

Change Your Profile Photo

Chanty adds up to Profile customization and allows to change the default Profile photo with the one you like. Click on the Profile photo icon in the bottom left corner of the app Choose Profile &... Read more

Set a Password

Chanty team chat is more secure with the one-time Authorization codes. However, we let our users choose and offer to sign in to Chanty with a password. Follow these steps to switch from Authorization... Read more

Reset Forgotten Password

We can’t remember everything in our deadline-driven life. Chanty won’t let you down if you set a password and don’t remember it for some reason. First, you’ll need to enter Your work... Read more

Manage DnD and Silent Mode

Chanty lets you choose the time you want to receive notifications with Do not Disturb and Silent modes. Learn how to manage each mode in your Profile. Do not Disturb mode DnD or Do not Disturb mode... Read more

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