Using Chanty

Kanban View

There are two ways that you can list tasks in Chanty: as a list or as a Kanban board, which is the topic of this short guide. It’s essentially a way to view tasks in rows and columns, similar to... Read more

Share code snippets

Sharing blocks of code is daily routine for deadline-driven teams. Luckily, you can share the code and view attached snippets without leaving Chanty. Attach a code snippet on web or desktop apps... Read more

Add Apps to your team space

You can achieve a new level of productivity with third-party Apps in Chanty. Integrations turn a team chat into a command center, giving you control over the information from the apps you use. Simply... Read more

Record Voice Messages

Chanty voice messaging allows you to instantly communicate with your team. Use it to deliver important information asap. Record a voice message Open a conversation Click or tap the Voice recording... Read more

Make Calls in Chanty

It’s up to you to decide the way to reach team members. Text messages still work great for async communication and lengthy discussions. How about contacting someone from your team space asap?... Read more

Send GIFs in Chanty

Make your communication more personal with GIFs on Chanty. We’ve integrated our team chat with the Giphy platform to let you search and share the entire library of animated GIFs, without leaving... Read more

How to Connect Zapier with Chanty

Zapier lets you connect 1000+ apps using workflows called Zaps, connecting your team space to hundreds of other apps and automating specific daily tasks. Triggers and actions in Chanty List of Chanty... Read more

Forward Files and Links

Chanty saves you time copy-pasting files and links, allowing to forward them to another conversation. Forward files and links on web or desktop apps Mouse over the message with a file or link Click... Read more

Delete Files and Links

Chanty lets you delete messages with files and links in case you no longer need them. Delete messages on web or desktop apps Mouse over the file or link you want to delete Click     the... Read more

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