Team space administration

Permissions and Roles

One of the features that you can find in our Business plan is the ability to set permissions and roles. You can find this feature by clicking on the icon in the bottom left corner and clicking on the... Read more

Invite Guests to Chanty Team Space

Every team has their own needs. Some need members that can access the shared team knowledge, while others require participation in only one conversation to solve a particular problem or task.... Read more

Delete Team Space

We all got our reasons to delete a team space. Once you got yours – Chanty has got you covered. Note: Deleting a team space can be processed by the team space owner only via web or desktop app.... Read more

Upgrade to Business Plan

Teams differ. Let’s say, you are just starting your business and need clean and simple team chat to organize your communication. We understand that and offer unlimited message history with up to 5... Read more

Import Your Team to Chanty

The Import feature gives you an opportunity to transfer your message history and other team data from a third-party messenger directly to Chanty. Note: Data import is available for Chanty Business... Read more

Reinvite Inactive Team Members

Inviting team members via email is reliable, but sometimes the invitation emails end up in a Spam folder or get deleted accidentally. Chanty gives you an opportunity to reinvite team members who... Read more

Logout From a Team Space

You can logout from Chanty in case you need to switch accounts or teams. On the web or desktop apps Click on your Profile photo in the bottom left corner of the app and choose Logout. On the mobile... Read more

Sign In to an Existing Team Space

Chanty sign-in process is fast and easy. You will only need the link that consists of your Team space URL to get started.  Note: In case you don’t remember the Team space URL, you can always... Read more

Join a team space via invitation

Once the team member sends an invitation, Chanty will deliver an invitation email. All you need to do is hit the Join team space button and start enjoying your new team space. You will see the Join... Read more

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