Team space administration

Sign in to an existing team space

Chanty sign in process is fast and easy. You will only need the link, that consists of your Team space URL and to get started. In case you don’t remember the Team space URL, you can... Read more

Join a team space via invitation

Once the team member sends an invitation, Chanty will deliver an invitation email. All you need to do is hit the Join team space button and you will start joining the team space. You will see the... Read more

Invite team members

Who can invite new members? By default, all team space members can invite new users. Inviting new members Click on your team space name in the top left corner of the Chanty app. 1.Select Invite new... Read more

Reactivate suspended team members

Chanty lets you reactivate suspended team members if need to regain their access to your team space. Currently, reactivating team members is available from browser and desktop apps. The team space... Read more

Suspend team members

Chanty lets you suspend team members if need to save their One to one conversation history with other members, but restrict access to your team space by a suspended team member. Currently, suspending... Read more

Delete team members

People come and go, so your team space needs management. Chanty lets you delete team members if you no longer need them on your team space. Currently, deleting team members is available from browser... Read more

Contact support

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