Using Chanty

Send Files and Links

Chanty lets you send files and links to make your messages more collaboration-oriented. Uploaded files and links are stored, organized and easily searchable across your team space. You can send files... Read more

Set reactions to a message

Messages in Chanty can illustrate engagement with reactions. On web or desktop apps Mouse over the message you want to Set a reaction to Click the    three-dots icon to open Message actions menu... Read more

Pin important messages

You can save important messages using the Pin feature on Chanty. On web or desktop apps Mouse over the message you want to Pin Click the    three-dots icon to open the Message actions menu Choose... Read more

Filter tasks

You can filter tasks on Chanty to sort them by Date, Status, and Assignee. Navigate to the Tasks menu in Teambook and view all the filters on the top. On a mobile device, navigate to the Tasks menu... Read more

Manage tasks

Chanty tasks come with easy management options. On web or desktop apps Hit the    Three dots icon to the right of the task to view the task management options available. Tasks at Chanty come with... Read more

Leave a conversation

Projects come and go, tasks get accomplished sooner or later. You can decide which conversations to participate in and which to leave. Click the    three-dots icon to open the Conversation... Read more

Send and browse messages

Communication in Chanty is distributed with messages in Public and Private conversations, or Direct messages. Messages help you quickly share information with your team members on a team space. Send... Read more

Search and browse tasks

The task history is important every time you need to know what, when and who has been involved in doing the task. Chanty lets you search and browse the tasks on your team space. Search field in the... Read more

Delete a task

Whenever you decide that the task is no longer relevant to you or your team, you can easily delete it. On your web or desktop app Find the task you no longer need and click the    three-dots icon... Read more

Set the task status

What’s the point of setting tasks if you can’t see the progress? Luckily, you can track progress with Chanty tasks. Once you create the new task, its status is immediately set to Undone.  When... Read more

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