14 Motivational Gifts Ideas to Boost Employee Morale

Motivational gifts

Sometimes it’s a hassle coming up with unique and affordable appreciation gifts for employees.

Gone are the days when employees used to get excited from the usual and monotonous presents like notebooks with a brand logo or candy bags. 

To solve this problem, we have articulated a list of 14 unique motivational gifts ideas for your employees, and that too on a pocket-friendly budget.

Let’s face the facts, whether you own a small or a big firm it’s necessary to remind everyone that they are important and appreciated at least once a year.

Whether it’s for Christmas, a small corporate event or various activities, despite the occasion,  presents help increase employee satisfaction.

In a recent survey on employee happiness, it was revealed that 45% of employees believed that appreciation gifts reflect how much the company values them.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Power banks
  2. Table plants
  3. Portable lunch boxes
  4. Air Humidifier
  5. Motivational journals
  6. Soy candles
  7. Tumbler
  8. Motivational table frames
  9. Adult coloring books
  10. Event tickets
  11. Inspirational keychains
  12. Fun coasters
  13. Inspirational shirts
  14. Laptop stickers

Power banks 

In comparison to the simple week-long phones we had just a few years ago, modern smartphones barely last a day. Power banks are portable devices that allow you to be flexible and travel around with business errands without worrying about your device burning out. What could be a better employee motivational gifts than this now?

Table plants

Did you know that plants might help you be more productive and let your creative ideas flow? A desk plant on each of your employees’ tables sounds appealing and a kind of great employee appreciation gifts. Plants that increase productivity include Sansevieria, Ficus Benjamina, Aglaonema, and Peace Lily. Bringing freshly prepared meals to your employees during office hours can also reflect how much the company values them. Providing healthy and convenient lunch options ensures that employees are always energized and ready to perform their best throughout the day.

Portable lunch boxes 

Portable lunch boxes can make the messy salads and soups, which appear impossible to travel with easily packed up. It’s the ideal size and design for employees who prefer to work from anywhere. Name better motivational gifts for employees. We’ll wait.

Air Humidifier

Good air speaks for good health and better productivity levels! Besides, what are better appreciation gifts than thinking of your employees’ good health? The use of a humidifier aids in the removal of dust particles from the air. Dust in the air is captured and filtered by the small water droplets. The enhanced air contains less dust, which can decrease the transmission of airborne infections irritating your employees’ respiratory systems.

Motivational journals

It’s always a good idea to pen down your ideas, thoughts, hourly plans, or anything you wish for in a journal. What’s a better way than giving your employees the freedom to write their thoughts – that too in a motivational journal. To make things even better, you can make a photo book from scratch with some of the most important career moments for each employee and attach it to the journal. This one is our favorite employee motivational gifts.

Soy candles

You can even create a personalized message for a specific employee or a single quote that is relevant to your company’s model to stick on the candle jars. In either case, it will be regarded as a thoughtful appreciation gift for employees that is hopeful to be greatly loved. It’s always a great idea to give scented candles as a present!


Employee Appreciation Gifts

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For every employee, a tumbler is a must-have item. They can use it to hydrate themselves or drink their morning beverage. In comparison to steel bottles, it is much more convenient and light to carry. You can make it even more special by personalizing it with their names or quotes such as “You can do it”. Every day, the tumbler will push them to do more and better. This should prove to be great employee motivational gifts.

Motivational table frames

This is a great way to send motivational quotes and messages to your employees to put up. It’s an easy drive booster and also looks good aesthetically on walls and tables. Simple quotes like “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations” can act as an appreciation and motivational catalyst for your employees.

Adult coloring books

This is a great way to unveil the creativity and organizing skills of your employees. As much as it will help your employees practice such skills on these color books, it can also serve as a great appreciation gift for employees to have some fun!

Event tickets

Recreation is important at work! Going to different events can also make great memories. Tickets to a game night, a concert or even a renowned conference taking place in the city can change the mood of employees and help enhance their morale. This can also serve as a great employee appreciation gift!

Inspirational keychains

If you are looking for a simple yet significant gesture that won’t break the bank – but will still motivate your employees then make a statement with a motivational keychain! This is a great business gift idea that you can buy in bulk too! It can also be used as a small add-on to the main gifts.

Fun coasters

Another affordable appreciation present that can be purchased in bulk is coasters! Creative coasters are small items that not only allow a worker to unwind during a coffee break but also protect the table from damage and stains. One of the other great motivational gifts for your employees.

Inspirational T-shirts

If your workplace allows casual clothing, that’s fantastic! If not, they can still wear it elsewhere and be reminded of the company. A simple custom t-shirt with a slogan is always an excellent statement piece and contributes to closer relationships.

Laptop sticker

Even if you don’t want to smear your laptop’s valuable surface, a sticker can be applied to a car, a planner, a helmet, or a fridge. When it comes to bulk presents for employees, a handful of inspirational stickers is a great low-cost option.

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