Creating a Unique “Welcome to The Team” Kit for New Employees

welcome to the team

The famous saying “first impression is the last impression” is certainly familiar to you. Even if you’ve heard this pearl of wisdom before, you have to acknowledge that it still stands true and can be applied to almost every circumstance, including employee onboarding.

According to research, an efficient onboarding is essential to maximizing your employee’s work performance. Human resources departments often stay up late worrying about issues like employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Even though creating and implementing strategies for current employees is crucial, streamlining your onboarding procedure is frequently the quickest approach to bring about change that benefits all departments.

What is a welcome kit?

Companies typically send new hires a welcome package or kits as a way of saying “welcome to the team.”  New hires bring fresh perspectives, obligations, and energy. Because of this, it’s crucial that your new employees not only receive a comprehensive onboarding process but also feel appreciated as soon as they enter the workplace.

The easiest way to break the ice with new employees is with welcome kits. These kits may seem extravagant, but they also educate your new employees on corporate procedures, workplace culture, and operational procedures.

Giving new hires a welcome kit or bundle demonstrates your concern for them and your belief in their value as an asset. Making their first week unique with a welcome package will be their initial positive workplace encounter, keeping in mind that this will be the first time you will be dealing with them.

Why send a new employee welcome kit?

Although it seems simple, a welcome to the team gift adds a personal touch to the beginning of a new employee’s journey with your firm.

It increases the enthusiasm associated with beginning a new job and establishes the standards for what this new team member can anticipate from your organization.

A welcome kit creates a tangible, favorable first impression of your company culture, especially now when many teams are working remotely or hybrid.

Here are a few ideas that you can use for welcoming new employees to the team.

Idea #1: Handwritten Welcome To The Team Letter

A handwritten welcome card must be the first thing in every welcome to the team kit. Well-written handwritten letters are wonderful since they add a special heartfelt touch.

When starting a new job at a company, a handwritten welcome card can make an employee feel more special than those who don’t receive one.

Idea #2: Employee Induction Booklet

For a new employee’s first day, an employee induction booklet is a helpful reference source. This handbook often contains information about your organization’s values, management structure, etc. It can serve as an introduction to the new employer for the employee and should include a detailed description of the company’s values and how the employee fits in. And, if you feel a bit lost on how to start, here are a few valuable tips on how to create an employee handbook without investing much time and resources.

Idea #3: Office supplies

Supplying all the supplies and equipment required to streamline your employee’s productivity is the next item on the list. You can have them printed with your business’s logo or an employee’s initials. This will give your employees a sense of value and make for a friendly first-day greeting.

Idea #4: Tote Bags

Totes are practical because they can be used nearly anywhere, but they are sometimes overlooked when considering ideas for the welcome to the team kit. If you want new hires to remember what company they work for or carry along vital items like diaries and books, think about including a high-quality personalized tote in your kit. The tote bag may come in handy as the new employee settles into their desk.

Idea #5: Tech Necessities

Modern jobs require the use of technology. Whether it’s a computer, mouse, keyboard, or (the most crucial) wifi password. Make sure that your new employees have the right access to the software, tools, and training they need to complete their work without difficulty. 

Idea #6: T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Attire

It’s no surprise that branded merchandise is also a great way to welcome and integrate your new employee into your team because it’s a fun way to develop a collaborative environment and establish your corporate identity. Shirts and hoodies are always entertaining and practical for team-building exercises, whether they take place in person or online.

Idea #7: Work from home survival kit

Since the pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. But a new hire might find it a little intimidating. When working from home, your new employees may like receiving a survival pack. This might include some delectable snacks, coffee tumblers, or even a seat cushion to avoid getting back pain from sitting too much in front of the computer.

Idea #8: Light-box or Felt Letter Board

Light-box or felt letter boards are a great welcome to the team item on the kit as they can spread positivity and good vibes with encouraging messages on them.

Idea #9: Vouchers and gift cards 

Do you remember the last time you received a voucher? Although a tried-and-true concept, they are an evocative and unique approach to welcoming your new employees.  They are granted the freedom to select whatever they want. Vouchers are a great substitute for gift cards. Give them a weekend getaway, a staycation in your city, or even lunch at a posh restaurant to help them unwind. In terms of acquiring them, the process of shopping bulk corporate gift cards for employees is the most efficient and cost-effective option for those who are tasked with managing larger teams with new members joining on a very frequent basis.

Idea #10: Blue Light Glasses

A set of blue light glasses would make an excellent welcome present for new employees. Whether they work from the office or at home, they may find it appropriate to receive such a present. Blue light emitted by screens lessens eye damage when it is filtered using blue light glasses.

These glasses are a great gift for a new employee because they are quite practical for people who spend a lot of time in front of screens at work.

Time for you to shine

We’ve covered a variety of employee welcome package suggestions in this post to help you onboard new hires with your business and make their first day successful. We also discussed how crucial it is for employees to feel inspired to work as productively as possible throughout the entire onboarding process.

Ammara Tariq

Ammara is a Marketing Manager at Chanty - a collaborative team chat, with a plan to take her team to new heights. With an everlasting love for marketing tactics, she’s also very fond of research writing and hopes to spread delight and knowledge to her readers.

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