Outdoor Team Building Activities to Keep Your Team Connected and Engaged

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Team building activities are socializing exercises for teams with the purpose of strengthening teamwork relationships among coworkers. These activities are an excellent approach to building upon a number of skills like creative thinking and collaboration. 

According to Globoforce research, workplace relationships are vital to 89 percent of employees’ total quality of life. The study also found that even a single office friendship might increase an employee’s attachment to their company as a whole.

Building deep relationships among coworkers improves the work experiences of employees, making them happier and more committed to their jobs. This benefits businesses to perform better as happy employees tend to accomplish more for the organization.

We have divided the team building activities into two sections for this article. First, we will begin to talk about some of our favorite outdoor team building activities – these are the ones that you can make good use of outside the office premises. 

Next, we will talk about short 5-minute team building activities that you can easily organize and are less time-consuming in general. However, these activities can be organized both indoors and outdoors. 

Outdoor team building activities 

Outdoor team building activities are fun and thrilling for all of us. While they give us some break from work, they also prove to be educational and skill enhancing. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of our top favorite outdoor team building activities for improving team dynamics.

Scavenger Hunt 

This has to be the favorite one for so many of us. Remember when we used to get so excited for scavenger hunts as a child? Well, it is still among the most renowned outdoor activities. To begin a hunt, we usually first hide various items at different places and a list of clues is drafted to spot the hidden items. However, it must be kept in mind that the distance between clues should not be so large that it exhausts the team members. Ideally, it should take only a few hours to find the items. Every round should have a specified deadline for the group to accomplish the task. The team that finds all the hidden items first should then be rewarded with a prize. Scavenger hunts enhance your team’s problem solving skills as they go beyond various clues to find an item and solve a problem at hand.

Go for a rope course

The rope course is quite a popular choice for corporate outdoor team building events. Participants are often challenged to trust each other and work together to reach a mutual goal in most courses.  Employees that fear heights can also opt for a low ropes course while those who do not can go for a high ropes course that takes people to 15-20 feet above the ground. Rope courses help build trust between employees and enhance their team working spirits. 

Survive the challenge

This challenge will put your team’s surviving skills into practice. Let your team assume that they have been stranded on an island. Each team is given a set of unusual items, such as a light, a blanket, and some rope. Reenact this encounter at a neighboring park and let your team survive the challenge for the entire day with the items available to them. It will also help improve the critical thinking skills of your team and build upon their strengths.

Volleyball at the beach

Nothing brings employees together like a healthy volleyball competition at the beach. Set up a net or rent one at the beach, divide employees into different teams, and get going. To make thighs more fun, you can even invite random people on the beach to play along. Volleyball will help lighten the mood of your team and build upon their team spirits.


If your company is full of thrill seekers, ziplining could be the perfect activity for them! You’ll be propelled around some of the most beautiful spots of your location while attached to a rope and harness. Zipline is a great way to reduce stress and conquer your anxieties as it helps build upon your self-esteem.

Axe throwing

Axe throwing at outdoor venues has grown in popularity over the previous year. Teams arrive to select lanes and objectives, and the axes are targeted to their specified objectives keeping in mind the safety of the people surrounding you. This is a great activity for building on your team’s target-achieving skills.

5-minute team-building activities

Some of us may not have the time and resources to conduct outdoor team building activities, however, in this case, you can also organize 5-minute team building activities within your office premises. Although the outdoor activities are long and fun, short 5-minute activities can also be educational and very fun. We collected some interesting ideas that you can use to play with your team members in just under 5-minutes.

Acts of kindness

This is a great 5-minute team building activity that spreads positivity and goodness. Spending the day performing small acts of kindness is an excellent exercise as it offers delight to so many people. Whether you spend the day penning compliments on notecards and handing them out to your coworkers, or you buy lunch for them. We can ensure that no matter how big or small the act is, it will make someone’s day.

Blind drawing

Blind drawing allows your team members to express themselves creatively. All you’ll need is paper, a pen, and a whiteboard. Team members are split into pairs and given some drawing materials. One of the members is handed a photograph that is hidden from their partners.

The partner holding the photo can only describe the picture with adjectives – meaning, they cannot tell what exactly they see in the photograph. When the timer runs out, everyone compares their sketches. The results are frequently amusing, and they can assist your team members to communicate better.

Draw how you feel

Do you have introverts on your team who can’t really speak up about what they really feel? Well, just before your meeting, you can let them draw anything they feel like. This will help you dig into how they feel and what is going on in their mind. Let’s suppose they draw a coffee – they might just need a break to refresh their mind. Or maybe, they draw a beach – well, they might just need to go on a vacation. It will not only help build upon your team’s creative skills but also help you analyze how they feel.

Never have I ever

Start with splitting an equal amount of candies among team members and sit in a circle. Then go around the circle as each employee finishes the sentence with “never have I ever..” finishing with something they have never done before – for instance, “never have I ever been to a beach.” If anyone in the team has been to a beach then they can eat the candy and vice versa.

Be prepared for some great surprises to know about your co-workers. However, you may need to establish some ground rules for what individuals cannot communicate. But when done correctly, this is one of the most enjoyable and interesting games we have ever played.

One word storyline

This is also an interesting 5-minute game that you can play with your team members. It starts with an individual saying a single word and passing it on to the next member of the team. Every member has to think of a suitable word that complements the previous word or sentence and turn it into a story. This can also build upon your team’s creative skills.

Team trivia

Team trivia is an excellent way to get to know one another. Collect interesting details about your coworkers and turn them into a quiz. You can play this game at any of your team meetings. For example, ask a question about someone new from your team each week, then allow that person to tell you a unique experience they encountered.

Final Thoughts

Employees typically look forward to participating in team building activities since it allows them to spend some time apart from just working. Sitting on your desks and working all day can exhaust your brain and therefore it’s important to give work a fun element while enhancing team building within an organization. The change of location in the case of outdoor and indoor activities can help build upon your team’s attitude and motivational levels.

Furthermore, there are numerous outdoor and indoor activities that are both interesting and entertaining for teams. Because the choices are practically endless, having a team-building activity outside or indoors may be just what your team needs to build upon their strengths and creative skills.

Ammara Tariq

Ammara is a Marketing Manager at Chanty - a collaborative team chat, with a plan to take her team to new heights. With an everlasting love for marketing tactics, she’s also very fond of research writing and hopes to spread delight and knowledge to her readers.

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