50+ Amazing Team Collaboration Tools


Effective team collaboration is a hot trend in the business world, where team collaboration tools play a vital role in improving both the process and the final outcome of teamwork by saving time, money, and energy.

You can easily find a lot of strategies and how-tos describing ways to enhance employees’ performance and boost productivity.

However, nobody gives you guarantees that the advice you’ve decided to follow will work for sure and produce tangible results. What should you do to get the ball rolling?

No matter how many people work on your team, they all need to communicate, assign tasks, discuss projects, and share knowledge. Given the fact that most team collaboration takes place online, collaboration software is a must for effective work today.

Team collaboration

As a result of in-depth online research, our Chanty team is happy to present you with the most comprehensive list of team collaboration tools, classified into 7 categories. All the tools we offer to take a look at when choosing collaboration software for your team have a detailed description with prices.

Some of the tools we’ve used in our Chanty team are spiced up with feedback. Moreover, we highlighted the “top” products in each category based on our personal experience and preferences.

If you are not satisfied with the collaboration tools you use every day or haven’t found the best solution for your business yet, keep reading—we’ve got you covered.

Categories of team collaboration tools:

How can you figure out exactly what kind of software to look for? First and foremost, you should pay attention to what you expect from a team collaboration tool.

Audio and video conferencing tools bring your online meetings to life. They give teams an opportunity to interact as if people were sitting next to each other. If online calls are part and parcel of your business, you should search for the perfect software in this category.

Chat or messaging tools keep you in touch with your coworkers around the clock. They help improve relationships among your team members and track messages, discussions, and shared files. You can keep all interpersonal communication in one place here so that you don’t miss a single notification.

Project management tools are used for planning projects, distributing tasks, accessing progress reports, creating to-do lists, subtasks, and task dependencies. Select the best option for you to complete all tasks.

Document management tools allow multiple people to collaborate on documents in real time. Using one of them, you will quickly create, share, co-edit, search, and e-sign all documentation related to your business.

File-sharing tools provide uploading, downloading, and distributing any size of documents, images, or videos. Moreover, you can store and manage files, having access to them from virtually anywhere.

Knowledge management tools allow teammates to share or acquire up-to-date information needed to work. You can benefit from this software to create new content or capture, structure, and optimize an already existing one. You can integrate it with your content workflows to manage the entire process.

Time management tools enable teams to organize and schedule tasks, projects, and plans. You can also use them to find out what takes up your time during the work process and thus enhance your focus on what is really important.

Team collaboration tools for Audio / Video conferencing

TOP 1. Chanty


Chanty is an all-in-one team collaboration platform. It lets you communicate with your whole team or individual team members via high-quality audio and video calls. You can also share voice messages to make an instant reply while on the go.

No more limited searchable history; no more lost data. Chanty is a blessing when it comes to catching up on previous messages with its unlimited message history.

The built-in task manager allows you to create new tasks from scratch or turn any message into a task, set a due date and priority, and assign a team member.

Powerful integrations save your time at work by delivering notifications from third-party apps your team is using in one place.

Superfast desktop and mobile apps with a clean and intuitive interface let your team chat in public, private, or one-to-one conversations, search for any information ever sent, forward/pin important messages, and share screens or files.

Pricing options:

  • Free Plan for teams with up to 5 users
  • Business ($3 user/month—if paid annually, or $4 user/month—if paid monthly).

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

TOP 2. Skype


Skype needs no introduction. This tool ensures staying in touch with people all over the world for free with voice and video calls, text messages, and screen sharing between multiple devices. Moreover, it allows calling mobiles and landlines worldwide if a person doesn’t have a Skype account. Audio and video conferencing are available for up to 25 participants.

Our team tried Skype together with its five alternatives and reached the conclusion that Skype is still a powerful solution. Apart from its high-quality video service, it has also got an expanded chat functionality, which gives Skype a serious competitive advantage. Get more detailed information about our experience in the article “We’ve Tried 5 Skype Alternatives and Here’s Our Honest Team Feedback” article.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

TOP 3. Whereby

Whereby is a very simple video collaboration tool. All you need to do is create your personal video room, share its link via email or chat, and start a group conversation with up to eight people at once. Thanks to the screen-sharing feature, it’s easy to show presentation slides, images, and photos and comment on documents and spreadsheets.

Our teammates appreciated various video add-ons like stickers and augmented reality in Whereby. Although it’s not the #1 feature you need at work, it definitely gives your mood a boost. Video communication is the main purpose of this tool, while chat functionality is a less important side feature

Platforms: Web.

4. ProofHub

Proofhub is a project management software that deals with the problems any team can meet. Manage and run your teams with tasks, post updates in discussion topics, communicate with employees in group chats, create notes and to-do lists, share documents, files, and timesheets with remote teams and clients. ProofHub reminds about deadlines or events marked in the app calendar, so you will always stay a step ahead in scheduling.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web.

5. GoToMeeting

With GTM, your remote team has no need to go anywhere to have a meeting that feels like a real one. HD-quality video is perfect for conducting webinars and hosting conferences. The use of drawing tools helps to make annotations while sharing your desktop or mobile screen. It’s easy to access any conference simply by clicking the GTM link. You can also schedule a new or recurring meeting in advance in the application’s calendar if you don’t want to forget about it.

Platforms: iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

6. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is an app service for secure video communication. Run video conference calls from your mobile device or desktop, begin private, one-to-one or group chats during or after a meeting, and share documents with people both inside and outside your company.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

7. BlueJeans

BlueJeans supports instant messaging, dual streaming, meeting recording, and much more from any device or conference room system. This video conferencing platform integrates with Slack, HipChat, Stride, and other team collaboration tools making it easier to connect with anyone outside your company, no matter which software they use.

If you’re looking to make a corporate video, BlueJeans offers features such as instant messaging, dual streaming, and meeting recording, making it a versatile choice for video conferencing and collaboration.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

8. EZTalks

EZTalks brings both office and remote employees together. Users can join your meeting from almost any device or room system, which makes collaboration much easier. The interactive whiteboard helps to visualize how projects need to be done, while screen sharing keeps the whole team focused on one common task.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

9. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts offers voice calls, text messages, screen sharing, and image sharing. Start a meeting, stream video calls live via YouTube, conduct a conference, or join in from a computer, phone, or conference room. This tool doesn’t require any downloads or password codes for viewers, they only need to click on the shared link and join the meeting. You can also call landlines from your computing devices.

We compared this tool with Skype and found that it is better to use Google Hangouts for video calls and mobile or landline international calls, but not for a day-to-day chat. If you want to find out more about Google Hangouts, check out our “We’ve Tried Skype vs Google Hangouts (Our Team Feedback)” article.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web.

10. Dialpad Meetings

Dialpad meetings

By using Dialpad Meetings, you get unlimited free conferencing and international calling, HD audio, documents, and screen sharing. No PINs are required; you just add participants, choose music to create the appropriate atmosphere and begin a meeting. Join a conference, view social profiles to see who is talking now, and save calls as MP3s to listen to them later.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

10. WebEx

Cisco WebEx represents a group of products (WebEx Meetings and Cisco Spark). Each of these tools has its own features, but they are both focused on video calls. Admins or “hosts” are the ones who establish the rules in WebEx: they decide whether to restrict a meeting at any time, to pass keyboard and mouse control, or to let attendees download, print, or comment on a shared file. They can also create whiteboards and polls and save the results for future analysis.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

11. Zoom

Zoom meets the requirements of all business sizes. Whether you want to connect with a massive amount of colleagues through video conference or run a webinar with 10K guests, Zoom has got you covered. File collaboration, group messaging, and whiteboarding assist you in working with your team in a collaborative and efficient way.

By the way, if you want to take portions of your video calls and turn them into a cohesive, practical, and informative video to circulate later, there are video editing tools to help you do that. You can even use those same tools to make beautiful videos that capture corporate culture or express your organization’s ideals.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

Team collaboration tools for chat/messaging

TOP 1. Slack

Slack is an all-in-one communication solution for every business size. Private or open chat channels, reminder settings, searchable archives, and numerous Slackbots improve instant communication within a team. Voice and video calls, along with screen sharing, are also available. In addition, you can receive all the notifications from the software you use at work in one place, as Slack integrates with about 2400+ different software products and services.

This is the most expensive app out of all the team communication tools we’ve analyzed so far. In most cases, its overly complicated interface only confuses users, as they have no idea how to profit from it. Moreover, people don’t know what to do with the channels once they get hundreds of them. Read more about Slack and Slack alternatives here in our in-depth review.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web.

TOP 2. Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is an open-source team collaboration platform. Teams can chat in direct messages, groups, channels, and discussions. They can also connect on video calls within Rocket.Chat via Pexip, Jitsi, or Google Meet. That way, collaboration is made easy even when teams and collaborators work physically apart.

Since it’s open source software, integrations are easy, and Rocket.Chat can fit into any team’s workflow to improve productivity and make it easier to talk to various stakeholders inside and outside of the organization.

Pricing options:

  • Free (basic features for smaller teams)
  • Enterprise ($7 user/month and $25 user/month)

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web.

Top 3. Fleep

Fleep supports dynamic communication within and across organizations. Here you can communicate with your colleagues or employees from other companies, track tasks, share files and make audio and video calls. Instead of the usual online/offline indicators there are ‘Presence features’ indicating whether a person has time to talk or not while the ‘Writing indicator’ tells you when someone is answering you.

Interesting fact about this app is that instead of creating a closed team ecosystem, you can communicate openly with everyone who is and isn’t using Fleep. All you have to know is the person’s email. With that said it’s hard to consider Fleep a “team” messenger.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web.


Flock has everything to satisfy remote teams’ needs. Flock enables private and open channels, audio and video calls, images and file attachments. You can easily find anything connected with your projects – from messages to links. The set of business apps (like Shared To-dos, Reminders, Polls, Note Sharing) helps to keep your team on track.

The one big issue we’ve experienced with Flock was a message history loss for over 8 hours. It happened on the third day of our test period—our entire message history both in channels and private rooms was unavailable during a whole working day which dazed us out. Nevertheless, Flock turned out to be a quite nice communication tool.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web.

16. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams like its alternatives ensures that you stay in touch with colleagues. Here communication is provided by chat messages in private or group conversations, voice calls and video meetings, uploading pictures and documents seamlessly to the conversation. Microsoft Teams integrates with other Office 365 apps and supports third-party plug-ins, which makes it a great solution for team collaboration.

Make sure you have a skilled admin as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to install Microsoft Teams by yourself (we have spent an entire day at work setting it up).

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web.

17. Ryver

Ryver is a software platform that combines a business chat tool and a task manager. Here you can create an open forum, make private teams and write direct messages in order to keep all conversations in harmony. There are also personal and team task boards, task lists and checklists for your team to become faster and more flexible. You can also get a 14-day free trial.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web.

18. Yammer

Yammer is an enterprise network tool that encourages internal collaboration. You can send instant short messages to people who follow your profile, share ideas, solve problems and discuss projects with colleagues in internal and external groups. Yammer also makes editing and working together on documents easier by integrating with Microsoft Office 365.

If you are using Yammer and looking for a tool that can replace it, here is the “9 Surprising Yammer Alternatives [True or False?]” article that can definitely help you.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.

Team collaboration tools for project management

TOP 1. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity app designed for all users—from solopreneurs to large-scale enterprises. No matter what project style you use, it provides a fully customizable and intuitive experience to organize and manage your workload, track updates, and collaborate with your team on a single platform.

Create sprint planning tailored to your team’s needs directly in ClickUp and choose from over 15 ways to visualize your work including Gantt, Box, and Kanban-like Board view. As one of the most flexible workflow apps, ClickUp enhances productivity and scales as you grow with hundreds of functional tools, 1,000+ integrations, and a drag-and-drop interface, making work management a breeze.

Platforms: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, mobile app, Android


JIRA is the most powerful agile project management tool. Do you want to get the job done in a well-organized and controlled way? This software provides a lot of useful features like boards with to-do/in-progress/done categories, reports with real-time insights, roadmaps and many other to assign work and manage team activity. Create effective workflows for your team with numerous apps and integrations available.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web.

TOP 3. Asana


Asana provides an opportunity for teams to track everything they deal with. Create and organize tasks, divide the work among teammates, set deadlines, get an overview of all the ongoing work on team calendars, and monitor progress with dashboards. Task and project conversations assist in discussing questions and sharing attachments which you can easily find, if necessary.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows.



FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is a client collaboration platform that combines project management elements, collaboration, and communication features.
Using FuseBase for project management guarantees you finish your projects on time and budget. That’s pretty easy with Kanban boards and Task Dashboards. You can manage your team resources and avoid task overloads for colleagues. Simply visualize project progress, identify bottlenecks, and customize workflows. You can also organize tasks by assignee, status, or initiative. What’s more, your time tracking will be on point to plan. FuseBase features let you estimate time to be spent on tasks, and generate insightful time reports for better project oversight.
Platforms: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, mobile app, Android

22. simpleshow


simpleshow video maker is a web-based AI-powered video platform for creating short explainer videos. The video maker has easy-to-use features for professional results.

It’s an excellent tool for effective communication to successfully manage and roll out projects with internal and external stakeholders.

The video maker suggests the perfect storyline for your message, and with your script, the explainer engine illustrates your story with images. You can use thousands of simpleshow illustrations and upload your images.

You can record your own voiceover or let simpleshow do the talking.

The video tool lets you preview your video, make changes quickly, and easily share the video with your audience.

Recommended platforms: Windows, Mac, Web.

23. Basecamp

Basecamp can replace a pile of different applications. This project management tool is designed to organize employees, delegate tasks, and monitor progress right from one place. Here you can chat with colleagues, receive feedback, make to-do lists, schedule projects, keep and share files, create daily/weekly standups online to get on the same page with a team.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web.

24. Weje

Weje is a powerful team collaboration tool with features such as an online whiteboard, online sticky notes, mind map maker, and brainstorm app. This makes it a perfect fit for individuals such as educators, marketers, writers, and students – as well all kinds of teams in an organization.

For instance, the brainstorming tool encourages team members to put on their thinking cap, whether individually or in collaboration with the team. The brainstorming tool can now be used to label the individual opinions of teammates and organize them in a simple web whiteboard.

Key features also include uploading any files format to boards, working on previews directly in Weje, e.g. Google Sheets, YouTube and so on. You can also share boards across the web and templates gallery with ready schemas and diagrams.

25. nTask


nTask is one of the best project management tools in the market. This app is an all-in-one platform for all your project management needs.

The interface of nTask is quite intuitive, just the way users expect it to be. It offers a great set of features that let you get full control of your business-related tasks. 

Key features of nTask include risk management, time tracking, task/project management, issue tracking, meeting management, and progress visualization with Gantt charts.


Android, iOS, Mac, Web, Windows

25. Mockplus


Mockplus is a powerful project design collaboration tool for designers and developers. It features three powerful main functions: rapid prototyping, design hand-off, and design system.

From start to finish, Mockplus streamlines your entire workflow and allows you to collaborate and interact with people in different time zones. You can complete your whole process from design to a real product in Mockplus.

On top of that, Mockplus is fully integrated with PS, XD, Sketch, and Axure. It simplifies the design and developer collaboration because you do not need to switch between tools.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web.

26. Workzone

Founded in 2002, Workzone is widely recognized and trusted piece of software. It is claimed to be “more powerful” than Basecamp and “easier to use” than Microsoft Project.

Workzone has some neat collaboration features such as templates for assigning projects and resource reports. Users also praise its automated notifications of due dates that keep workers aware of their deadlines.

Overall, as Workzone team suggests in its explanatory video, their tool works best for diverse teams. It can serve as a “shared home” for workers in multiple locations with different roles with a wide range of computer skills.

Platforms: Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS, and Web.

27. HiveDesk

HiveDesk makes it easier for you to monitor the productivity of remote employees and manage projects your team members are working on. All you need to do is create projects, invite employees to join them and establish priorities. It’s quite useful for tracking the performance of freelancers and helps to save more money by paying only for the work hours rendered.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Web.

29. Trello

Trello represents an online board with ‘cards’. There can be notes, to-do lists, projects, shared files, or anything that you need during your work. Such design helps visualize tasks and brings order by organizing them. You can also add comments, create checklists, add labels and due dates, upload file attachments, and communicate with others in chat (Chrome extension).

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web.

30. Wrike

Wrike is helpful for both co-located and distributed groups. This tool allows to edit, assign, schedule and mark tasks by colors indicating their status, make activity reports, create user groups according to projects. Moreover, notifications and real-time updates will always keep you informed. Avoid chaos through ‘Activity Stream’ and the @mention feature that refines both the individual and team work pace.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

31. Zenkit

Zenkit is created to schedule your meetings, track your project’s progress and brainstorm new ideas. Invite employees or friends to work on projects, assign tasks, track their activity with checklists, make an inbox for your team, and fly through your projects with to-dos. Comments with notifications and ‘@mentions’ ensure instant communication within a team.

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web.

Team collaboration tools for document management

TOP 1. Google Workplace (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides)

Google Workplace assists people in working with different file formats. You are free to open, edit, save files and collaborate across the documents in real time. If you want to co-edit a file with people all you need to do is to share the link to your Google document and start working. You can also chat during the work process and write comments to help others.

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web.

TOP 2. Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 combines apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive, giving you an opportunity to work with documents offline as well as collaborate on files with your colleagues online. Open and edit different file formats, invite others to join you, manage access permissions, monitor changes with the version history or integrated activity feed, organize all documents in one place in order not to lose anything.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

TOP 3. Jotform Sign

jotform sign

Jotform Sign helps you collect legally binding signatures by sending a secure document to your users. Gather signatures from anywhere with documents that you can build with the help of their 600+ ready-made templates. Add signers to your approval flows to collaborate on your documents and get notified whenever there is a change. Analyze your data with your team on automated spreadsheets in Jotform Tables.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

36. Fyle – Expense management tool


Fyle is a cloud-based expense management software that can automate, streamline, and simplify your organization’s expense reporting, tracking, and management tasks. 

Employees can track and report error-free expense reports on time, and the finance team can have visibility and control over the financial operations. The expense tool comes with a robust policy check engine that auto-checks and notifies out-of-policy expenses in real time. It can also automatically reconcile credit card transactions, expenses, and receipts with no manual intervention. In addition, you can seamlessly integrate with your existing accounting software/HRMS/ERP. 

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web

38. OnlyOffice


OnlyOffice allows your team to collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online. This cloud office is available on multiple devices, supports all the popular formats of files, and simplifies the file collaboration process. With the time tracking and project management features you will plan your work most effectively.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

39. ownCloud

ownCloudownCloud is a self-hosted server that allows you to keep all documents under control and have access to them from any device. Work with text documents in .odt or .doc formats within the browser, read PDFs, see pictures, watch videos, comment and share them with others, edit files with up to five people simultaneously, and set passwords on public links, if needed.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

File Sharing Team Collaboration Tools

TOP 1. Internxt


Internxt is an open-source cloud storage service designed to protect users’ data and privacy. Extremely safe and secure, all files uploaded to Internxt’s cloud are end-to-end encrypted and scattered across a decentralized network. Internxt is equipped with many industry-standard features and integrates with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

Top 2. Google Drive

Google Drive

The most popular cloud storage service gives you space for collaboration with people and keeps files saved in one easy-to-manage place. This platform works with Gmail and Google Photos, so you can save all documents and attachments directly to Drive. Share files and work on them with others with Docs, Sheets and Slides apps.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web.

42. Dropbox

DropboxDropbox is one of the most well-known online storage services with over 500 million worldwide users. Not only can you store all your files together in one place, but also share files and folders with others in order to collaborate. Send links via email or chat messages, leave feedback, access your documents easily from anywhere on any device.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

43. Hightail

HightailThis file transfer software provides creative collaboration among teams. Hightail lets you stream your work process right in the browser so that other people can preview it without downloading. Share images, videos, PDFs, presentations, and MP3 files, track delivery and downloads, and receive real-time feedback from colleagues and clients. You have everything to improve work efficiency.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

44. MediaFire

MediaFireMediaFire is a simple online storage service where you can save photos, videos, audio or docs. With this tool, you can share any file type through email, link, or social media with both users and those without a MediaFire account. Organize your files and folders as you want to find everything in one click, and upload and download files without limits.

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web.

45. Tresorit


Tresorit is a reliable online storage tool, which increases the security of files with end-to-end encryption. You won’t need to worry about hackers or other dangers anymore – nobody will access your files unless you share password-protected links for files or folders. Work securely on files stored in your cloud across any device, view and edit documents, and save files for offline access.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, and Web.

Knowledge Management Collaboration Tools

TOP Tool. Confluence


Confluence keeps teamwork organized and centralizes all information required to stay up to date. Create meeting notes, project plans, and product requirements by using templates, and receive direct feedback, pin important comments, search for company information all in one central place. This tool also offers useful add-ons like ‘Questions’ for voting and discussions, or ‘Team Calendars’ for scheduling projects and events.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web.

47. GoSkills


The GoSkills award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) centralizes essential team training and resources in one user-friendly hub. Teams can seamlessly access training videos and resources, sign up for live training, and track their progress. Upskilling becomes easier and more affordable than ever with GoSkills’ tools.

Platforms: Web

48. Document360

Document 360

Document360 is a comprehensive knowledge management tool that empowers organizations to create, manage, collaborate, and share information efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Document360 simplifies the complex task of organizing and disseminating knowledge within teams, making it an invaluable asset for businesses of all sizes.

The platform offers a rich text editor, which allows for seamless content creation, including text, images, videos, and code snippets, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of knowledge types. Users can easily create and structure content, whether it’s in the form of articles, documents, FAQs, or tutorials.

One of Document360’s standout features is its version control and collaborative editing capabilities. Multiple team members can collaborate on content creation and revision in real-time. This ensures that knowledge remains up to date.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Web

49. Bloomfire


Bloomfire is a knowledge-sharing tool that makes your team more innovative and profitable. This tool allows us to capture, archive, and grow the knowledge that already exists. Organize groups by geography, job function, or interest to increase engagement and share your knowledge. Bloomfire saves documentation in one centralized, searchable place, so it’s easy to find everything you require and get work done in seconds from anywhere (desktop, mobile, tablet).

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web.

50. Helpjuice

Helpjuice knowledge base

Helpjuice allows you to host your internal documentation making it easier to onboard new hires as well as allowing employees to share and transfer their knowledge collaboratively. Internal staff can work on documents in real time as well as leave comments or tag others. You can use Helpjuice’s analytics to help you understand how employees are currently using the knowledge management solution as well as what additional documents should be created to better help your team. Helpjuice’s NLP-based search makes it easy for internal staff to find the answers they need when they need them.

Platforms: Web.

51. ComAround Knowledge

ComAround KnowledgeComAround Knowledge can become an invaluable asset within your organization. It serves to help you write, edit, and publish an unlimited number of knowledge articles, or even make how-to videos. It also offers machine translation to save time and money, so that you can share content throughout the support flow without any effort. Ensure a high-quality source of information for your employees as well as for your customers.

51. Guru


With Guru you can easily access the latest internal and external information from any device. Organize and manage information, filtering it by attribute or category and get insights into how your knowledge base is working. You can find Guru’s knowledge base everywhere your team works. Its browser extension for integrations with third-party apps allows you to have one-click access to trusted answers within a second.

Platforms: Web.

52. Nuclino


Nuclino is a knowledge-sharing platform for teams that need quick access to shared internal information. This tool offers a rich set of features that makes it easy for you to write and edit articles with other people, share them across your team, enrich your content with images, videos, tasks, mockups, start conversations and discussions, organize information in boards and graphs, use tags and categories, the search functions.

Platforms: Web.

53. Scribe


Scribe is knowledge management and sharing tool that instantly creates step-by-step guides for teams, then makes them easy to access where you’re doing your work. It captures work you do on the computer, turning clicks and keystrokes into a guide with screenshots and written instructions. 

Once a Scribe is created, users can share it with a link or embed it in a wiki, CMS, or other tool. Scribe recommends guides from your team when you’re using a website (via the Chrome extension) or when you’re using Slack.


Chrome, Mac, and Windows

Time Management Collaboration Tools

TOP Tool. Hubstaff


Hubstaff allows for effective management of the workflows and productivity of remote employees. You can assign time or cost limits to projects and establish weekly limits for each team member. Attendance schedules, dashboards, and activity levels show an overview of general activity. Hubstaff time tracking capabilities ensure timely payment for the actual work delivered.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web.

55. Kickidler

Kickidler is one of the most cutting-edge employee monitoring programs. It keeps a close eye on all of your employees’ activity across a variety of applications and their browsing history, categorizes employee activities into productive and unproductive ones, and records videos of their working days synchronized with timeline reports. In other words, it gives you complete insights into everything your employees have been doing throughout their working days.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

56. ClickTime


Handling complex accounting projects and delivering efficient results with ClickTime is just as easy as it should be. This platform tracks working hours, budget, time off, and project performance. Moreover, it also plans, approves, and records expenses that the project requires. This tool lets your team stay more productive and prevents you from losing money.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

57. Tracking Time 

Tracking time

Simple project tracker software for teams and freelancers that allows you to keep track of progress, manage tasks, create online timesheets, and share professional business reports. With TrackingTime you can track hours from anywhere you work, on any device, and directly in 40+ productivity apps.
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

58. Apploye

Apploye is an outstanding time-tracking and employee-monitoring software that increases employee productivity with the help of screenshots, app usage, and URL-tracking features. It accurately tracks time in various projects and assists you in creating different types of invoices based on the hours’ calculation. It features a top-notch dashboard displaying top-performing employees based on logged time and activity. Apploye report feature enables you to create reports on employee performance and provides additional features like an idle timer and a Pomodoro timer. 

Above prices are monthly. Choose annual pricing to save up to 50%.

Platform: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, Web, and Chrome.  

59. FreshBooks


FreshBooks maximizes small business productivity by combining time tracking with billing and invoicing features. The built-in timer saves all information about team members’ activities that can be used both in the browser and via the mobile app to create invoices, capture expenses, generate financial reports, and accurately pay for the job done.

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web

60. Scoro

ScoroWith Scoro, you will always know exactly how your projects are doing. Manage the time spent and billed, schedule work, and assign tasks by day, week, or month in the team calendar so that employees see all changes in real-time. This tool shows an overview of individual workloads, which is why team members can manage their task lists by priorities, projects, statuses, and deadlines.

Platforms: Android, iOS, and Web

61. TimeCamp

TimeCampIf you want to keep an eye on employees and projects, TimeCamp deals with this task. You will never miss a billable hour with time tracking and a detailed history of how employees spend a day. Figure out the most time-consuming websites and applications, make productivity analyses, establish goals, track holidays and days off, and much more. Moreover, employees can self-monitor their productivity, so that they start to treat their working time more respectfully.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Web.

62. Visme


Visme has online whiteboards for collaborative teams, tutors, and marketers. Visme supports collaborative design for non-designers, content creators, and project managers, offering a “sweet spot” between simple and sophisticated design tools. Easily create incredible, dynamic content with ease, all while leaving comments directly on designs, replying to questions, and offering feedback without leaving your project. Visme’s suite of app integrations allows your team to add their most-used apps, like SalesForce, HubSpot, and Google Excel. Helping you to simplify your company’s tech stack and streamline design and marketing processes without juggling multiple tools. Plus, access to no-code interactive features also allows for the creation of more engaging projects, presentations, and branded materials in less time.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

Pick the best collaboration tools for your business!

It’s no secret that two heads are better than one. When it comes to teamwork, people can be far more than two.

Working in teams requires members to perform together as an orchestra, cooperating closely with each other. Otherwise, the lack of interaction will lead to misunderstandings among people, and therefore to poor team performance.

In today’s digital age, one of the best solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow is to choose appropriate team collaboration tools. They perform different functions – from real-time messaging to tracking your employees’ time and budget. Moreover, collaboration tools, in addition to their basic tasks, help teams feel more comfortable, as they know what’s expected of them. They help you maintain focus on the right tasks at the right times, prevent teammates from working in isolation, reduce work-related stress, etc.

We have described the major tools categories in detail, to help you easily find the necessary software. What you should also pay special attention to is the team messenger. Its communication and collaboration features have already proven to be effective in a deadline-driven environment. The additional value of a team messenger like Chanty is allowing your team to stay in the loop with notifications received and managed from other collaboration tools, all in one place.

In case you need an easy-to-use yet powerful team chat application or feel that your team communication has room for improvement, take your chances with Chanty. This team chat speeds up work by providing instant messaging, an unlimited searchable history, file sharing, notification management, and useful integrations with third-party apps. Audio and video calls, along with voice messaging features make your communication smooth and trouble-free. We are developing Chanty with love and passion, so once you give us a try, we will become close friends for many years to come.


Our team wishes you well and hopes that this article will help you find software that meets your individual needs and makes your team more productive.

We’ll keep working on this list and keep enriching it with other noteworthy tools. If we didn’t mention a software that is a must-have for you or your team, feel free to share your experience and tell us how it improves collaboration with your teammates at work.

Chanty team

Chanty is a team collaboration hub with unlimited searchable message history. Chanty offers team communication, audio calling, video conferencing and task management with the help of the Kanban board.


  • A very good tool online team collaboration in 2018 which you can try and us is: R-HUB web conferencing servers. It provides a simple and easy to use interface and works on all platforms viz Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc. Plus provides 6 real time collaboration applications in one box.

  • Fantastic list of collaboration tools! There are a lot of tools on this list I’ve tried or currently use. My favorites are Slack, Trello and I didn’t notice on the list, it’s one of the smartest document collaboration tools that was built for businesses. It allows you to bring in content across 50+ applications, add file attachments, visual web links, code blocks and much more directly into your documents. It’s the smartest way to communicate across teams and with clients and you can make documents the way they were meant to be as you bring in Google Spreadsheets, Airtable databases, Typeform surveys, social media posts and much more!

  • I see that a lot of good and interesting apps are mentioned here, as FreshBooks and Helpjuice. But my team and I usually use Slack or google drive and for intranet to access our company files we have NordVPN Teams. Also, looking forward to try Yammer or Asana, heard good feedback about their service.

  • Hello,

    Great list! I noticed that you haven’t included in the above article Pobuca Connect, the ultimate
    Contact management tool that eases your team’s collaboration, productivity, and networking. It offers numerous features, that promise to improve the working routine and to save valuable time from time-consuming tasks, like searching for contact info to multiple lists.
    It converts your multiple business contacts lists into one unified address book, which you can share with your co-workers and partners and access it from everywhere. It also gives you the chance to meet your virtual assistant that will search and update all the stored info.

    • Hey Kalypso, thanks for reading our blog articles. We will take a closer look at Pobuca and consider adding it.

  • Great list, I’ll definitely check some of these out and suggest to my team. But with work from currently going on, my team decided to start using NordLocker to encrypt our files before sharing them. This ensures that they’ll remain secure even if someone manages to intercept them. I would suggest adding it to the list for people who manage sensitive data of others.

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    • Hey there! Thanks for reading our blog!
      Yes, we do guest posting, we’ll be sure to visit your website 🙂

  • Great list. I think you compiled a really comprehensive resource, Nadiia. Here’s our list #1 Zoom, #2 Slack, #3 Trello, #4 G-suite, #5 (sadly not on the list), #6 None of the above (maybe we ought to try one). Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Nadiia,

    Thank you for offering such a great list of resources to improve coworker collaboration.

    I believe that you should add Lumiform to the list.
    The Lumiform App enables you to conduct safety, quality and hygiene inspections cooperatively and intuitively. Most businesses still rely on pen & paper for inspections and audits. That’s why we provide an extensive list of 12,000 free checklists already used by hotels, restaurants, factories and more.

    What’s special about Lumiform is that it allows you to raise compliance issues and then solve them with your coworkers. It also saves finished inspections, which can then be evaluated cooperatively!

    Feel free to look at our list of free templates on our web page:

    I know for a fact that your readers will greatly benefit from Lumiform especially during Covid-19.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


    • Hi Julian, thanks for reading our blog post, I’m glad you find it useful.
      We will be sure to take a look at your tool.
      Have a great day!

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    • Hi there! It’s so nice to hear these kind words about our article. We promise to keep providing useful blog posts for you in the future.

  • Hello,
    Thank you very much for the article 🙂 I have to say that when you lead a hectic life at your home office you need online tools 🙂 I love the list, although I would love to mention, it is nice looking and easy tool to organize your daily tasks. It simply divides your day and you can be proud of yourself in the end, how far you can go with your time management skills 🙂

    • Hi Laura, great to know that you find our article useful 🙂
      By the way, our team chat app also has a Kanban system for task management.

  • The list is impressive, I would really like to try some of these out and try to implement in my business. Due to pandemic when I had to run remote office, I tried CloudDesk as my remote employee monitoring tool. The tool has really helped to monitor my employees and also helped them to be productive while they are working. I would suggest adding it to the list for people who manage remote team.

    • Hey Linda! Thanks for your comment. There are so many great tools worth our attention, we will definitely try this one as well.

  • Good Sharing information for Team collaboration tools. Thank you for sharing this type of information.

  • An amazing list of collaboration tools! Thank you for the useful information, collaboration tools have made work-from-home and remote work a reality.

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