The Best Office Pranks and Jokes in One Place

Office pranks

The schedule at work is quite monotonous — you enter the office in the morning, perform tasks, go out for lunch, leave the office in the evening… Sounds a bit dull, doesn’t it?

Sometimes you need a little office laughter to recharge from all that serious stuff. Luckily, there is an ocean of things that may spice up your working day (there should be the smiling devil emoji). Just look around. What do you see? A few bored coworkers who would love to participate in some sort of good fun.

Using humor at the workplace has a bunch of benefits. The studies show that employees who have fun at work are more creative, more productive and have fewer sick days than teammates who don’t have fun. So, there are very good reasons to play a small joke on your colleagues (another smiling devil emoji).

We asked our teammates here at Chanty, interviewed friends and surfed Google for good examples of the funniest office pranks. It has turned out that every company has a story about that funny office prank of yore. Plus, some office pranksters have already contributed funny stories which may become your inspiration for the first own jokes at work.

In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of office pranks. Feel free to steal any joke you like!

What are the rules of the office pranks?

How to differ a prank from an insult? The main idea is that everyone can enjoy the office pranks and laugh about it. Never go overboard and hurt somebody’s feelings.

Therefore, having the prank in mind, check it with the ground rules we have listed below. Many of them are incredibly simple, but we believe it’s our duty to mention the rules of holding a prank.

  • Do not destroy property

Don’t cause any permanent damage to your teammates’ property (scratching one’s car is not a prank!).

  • Do not prank being angry

Resist the urge to play a prank with the colleagues who have hurt your feelings somehow. Especially, if we are talking about your boss.

  • Don’t cause major disruptions

Your pranks may cause a minor disruption in the workday. Otherwise, you will harm your company in terms of productivity and, as a result, revenue.

  • Prank people who like it

Pick your victim wisely. First, don’t bother a person who doesn’t like fun during the workday. Next, remember that pranking is much better with people you know well.

  • No pranks with clients

This rule doesn’t have to explain itself.

  • No illegal pranks

No prohibited websites. No drugs. No discriminatory statements.

Summing up, just don’t cross the line. Having read the ground prank rules, now we are ready to move forward to the fun stuff.

1. Candy Onions

When the April Fool day is just around the corner, dip onions in caramel or melted chocolate with the help of sticks. Also, you can scatter them with colorful edible confetti and serve on a well-appointed tray. That’s all, ‘candy apples’ are ready!

Candy Onions

2. Car jokes

We have put together a few excellent car jokes. The first one is especially perfect for those teammates who like sticky notes or don’t finish their tasks on time. Just take colorful sticky notes and use your imagination as in the example below. It is a weird, yet funny way to remind your colleagues about an important and unfinished business.

Car jokes

Is it winter here? Brilliant! Grab another car prank that is an ideal option for the wintertime. All you need is a couple of hours, a lot of snow outside and a colleague having a car.

Winter car jokes

3. Misspelling macro

If your work buddy has shown you how to unlock their iPhone, it’s your time. Misspelling macro is the most sophisticated and diabolical prank ever! Be very careful, it can really make your teammate mad.

Here’s the recipe to the evilest prank in the world: on your buddy’s iPhone go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new shortcut. And now you know what to do. Replace ‘your’ with ‘our’. Change ‘are’ to ‘is’. The list of possible sins is almost endless.

4. ‘Cattify’ someone’s iPhone apps

It’s super easy. Gain access to your victim’s iPhone. Open the page iPhoneception in the mobile browser. Select the Kittens option there. Then add the app to the home screen and launch it. Having the app load, lock the iPhone. Done!


5. Confusing and scary sounds

Help your colleague get a whole room’s attention the second they walk through the door. You will find the instructions on the picture below. Because everyone should give a warm welcome to a newly arrived teammate, should not they?

scary sounds

6. Ballooned meeting room

This prank looks like a gift. Why not? That’s a great way to surprise the next team who reserves the meeting room or make your boss’ office shine bright. To add some cruelty to this prank, you can put glitter or confetti in the balloons before inflating them. It would be so much fun to open the door and enter the room full of balloons.

Ballooned room

7. Various desk pranks

You can literally troll your coworker’s workstation with the help of a few dozen trolls. Just buy more than one pack of trolls of different sizes.

Desk pranks

You can call this prank ‘a budget trip to the beach’. The best moment to play this joke is the time when your coworker comes back from their vacation. Or alternatively, when your colleague forgets to have a rest.

Desk prank

Remember the previous ‘Kittens’ prank? Here’s another brilliant idea on how to ‘cattify’ your teammate’s workstation. The prank will be especially successful if your colleague is a brutal guy. But on the other hand, this can make your cat-loving coworker’s day.

Some people love unwrapping gifts. But if almost everything is wrapped, will it be funny? Hell to the yes! Just make sure that everything (we mean everything) is covered, from office chair to individual paper clips.

Office prank

Speaking of sticky notes, if you still have some after car prank, use them to ‘decorate’ your teammate’s workplace.

Sticky notes

To add some spice to your colleague’s working day, print out a horrifying image and leave it in their desk drawer.

horrifying image in a desk drawer

8. Voice toast

Toaster, for the last time, please heat my bread! Why aren’t you listening to me? We bet you will hear this many times if you play this simple, yet brilliant prank.

Voice toast

9. Googly eyes

Does your teammate have baby photographs on their desk? Excellent, the prank is almost ready! Just add googly eyes to the pics.

Googly eyes

What’s more, if there is a refrigerator in the office, add googly eyes to everything there.

Googly eyes in the fridge

10. The seed board

Growing cress is super easy. Actually, it can pretty much grow anywhere by itself. However, let’s help the nature a bit and seed cress in your teammate’s keyboard. It’s a good idea to prank someone who sits close to the window because this joke needs some sunlight.

seed board

11. Scary jokes

Be aware: it’s a quite terrifying prank. You can freak out just looking at the image below. Nevertheless, your desire to play joke may be stronger than common sense. Use a doll or paper mache and a black wig. Done. Your jumpiest teammates will be satisfied.

Scary jokes

12. Chrome extension prank

Prank your teammates by installing one of the funny chrome extensions on their computer at the office. Which chrome add-in to choose? It depends. For instance, if your coworker is a fan of Nicolas Cage, you can ‘nicolascage’-ify their browser with nCage. This extension will replace every image on every page with a photo of Nicolas Cage. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Want more? Cornify will add sparkly unicorns and rainbows to any website your colleague visits. Hair on the screen extension will place a small, thin line on your teammate’s display, making them believe there’s a hair. This web app offers different customization options, including More Hair, Less Hair and Randomized Hair.

Chrome extension prankCornify Chrome extension

Try some office pranks and jokes

Office pranks are not only joking. They can be used to improve the overall atmosphere at the office and get your teams to bond. When colleagues come together to prank, this enhances the overall sense of unity. Nice, right?

The only thing here you should remember is that pranks should be fun, not insulting. So, keep the prank within certain boundaries. The result of it should be a lot of laughter, not teammates hating you.

In this article, we have compiled a list of funny pranks of any size and budget. Don’t hesitate to be a party-starter and adopt any of them. Happy pranking!

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