7 Task Manager Apps For Running a Successful Remote Team

Task manager

If you are that person who says “I don’t use task management apps because getting into them takes too much time”, chances are, you simply haven’t found a platform that fits your team’s needs. As soon as you find the right task manager, you will be surprised by the staggering difference using such a platform makes. 

The good news is, there are so many tools on the market that it’s not that hard to find the one that fits your team’s needs and processes.

For this post, I decided to create a full rundown on top task management tools — their features, benefits, and pricing plans. 

1. Chanty

Chanty is a full-package tool for remote team management. It’s a powerful alternative to Slack, Google Hangouts, and other collaboration platforms. Chanty is cost-efficient, user-friendly, and down to business. 

The tool gives business owners an easy way to manage robust teams – it comes with a large-set of built-in integrations and supports multiple types of attachments (as well as sharing code snippets) effortlessly. There’s a special treat for designers as well – a sleek dark theme. 

Top features:

  • Unlimited searchable message history.
  • Group calls and video chats are supported. 
  • Task manager on a centralized Kanban dashboard.
  • Convenient shortcuts to the most important messages save managers time and effort when organizing the communication process. 
  • Code snippets with custom formatting make help developers communicate clearly. 
  • Customizable privileges help business owners ensure nothing confidential slips through the crack when working with third-party collaborators. 


  • Free account for small teams (up to 10 people)
  • Paid subscription full of advanced features (group audio and video calls, screen-sharing, a dedicated support line etc) – $3/month/user. 

2. Trello

Trello is one of the most widely used and convenient task managers out there. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the platform is worth checking out. It allows team managers to allocate tasks effortlessly by dragging and dropping task cards onto boards. 

Trello has a ton of integrations — (for example, it supports Dropbox and Google Drive file previews). Other than that, the interface is fully customizable — if you have a soft spot for aesthetics, the platform will give you all the creative freedom you need. 

Trello is mobile-friendly — Android and iOS apps are easy to use and give team members on-the-go access to daily tasks. 

Top features:

  • Chrome extension that keeps teammates updated on tasks without having to switch tabs or open an app. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts save a ton of time when navigating workplaces with multiple boards. 
  • Labeling and board covers make it easier to keep track of new tasks. 
  • Checklists are a manager’s way to ensure that teammates are attentive to details. 


  • Free plan: 10 team boards with an unlimited number of tasks.
  • Basic (an unlimited number of team and power-up boards,) — $9.99/m. 
  • Enterprise (improved permission settings, flexible attachment management, and more advanced features) — $17.50.

3. Monday

If I were asked to describe in a few words, without a doubt, my answer would be “in style”. Though the tool’s range of features is impressive, the platform’s visual orientedness takes the user experience to a new level. 

Monday feels like a one-stop-shop for all things business — it has powerful integrations with communication platforms, a calendar, and other apps, offers full data encryption, and a built-in chat. 

As more teams all over the world explore the remote work frenzy, is exactly the tool you need to move your entire office online. Using a tool like this helps improve productivity and avoid chaos and mismanagement. Project management can be challenging, but good software and a decent work breakdown structure can greatly ease the process.

Top features:

  • Batch editing and high application speed — Monday is practically unrivaled when it comes to performance. 
  • Templated workplaces help team managers save time when setting up the remote office. 
  • No data is lost — even after a teammate deleted the board, it can be rescued from the recycle bin for 30 days. 
  • Customizable design — change the view and color palette of your workplace to make the working experience as enjoyable. 


  • Basic plan (for 5 users) — $25/m. 
  • Standard (for 5 users) — $39/m
  • Pro (for 5 users) — $59/m. 
  • Enterprise (for 5 users) — $188/m. 

4. nTASK

If you are looking for a task manager that is free to use and loaded with workflow planning features, then nTask is for you. This tool is new to the task management space, but have gained much traction in recent time. Used by more than 100,000 teams world-wide, nTask is the go-to task manager for SME’s, freelancers, startups, and large enterprises. 

Why managers are showing more interest in nTask app? It is equipped with many robust features that are necessary to manage projects and businesses in an efficient manner. This app is used for ideation, planning, task execution and reporting on multiple projects. 

Top features:

  • Interactive To-do list: easily create and assign to-do items to your team members by giving due dates. 
  • Visualize progress with Gantt charts: get the ability to manage workflows in a visual manner through nTask Gantt charts with drag and drop feature. 
  • Team collaboration: use if for team communication and collaborating on tasks, projects, issues and risks. 
  • Free plan with affordable paid option


  • Free plan with 5 team members
  • Premium plan starts at $2.99/user
  • Business plan starts at $7.99/user


Did you know that, in one year, businesses lose up to $2.5 million in productivity due to the lack of asset management infrastructure? The costs of marketers or designers struggling to find the right file are huge — that’s why having a reliable digital asset management platform in your task management infrastructure is crucial. 

Our top among DAM tools in 2020 has to be The platform draws upon the benefits of Google Drive (storage and accessibility), adding a ton of fully custom features as well. 

Team managers, marketers, and designers can use the tool to organize files in just a few clicks, exchange data within the team, track changes, and present portfolios to clients. These advanced features are well-wrapped in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes getting used to a walk in the park. 

Top features:

  • Wide range of file organization tools — AI-based and keyword-based search, metadata editor, and location-based tagging. 
  • Built-in branded tools — choose the among 10 templates and create a website that presents your designs or marketing materials in their best light. 
  • Flexible access settings — allows business owners to limit data access ensuring that freelancers or partners don’t have access to restricted assets. 
  • Version control — designers and marketers can use to store draft versions without cluttering the storage and track changes. 


  • Pay-as-you-go (for freelancers and individual creators) starts at $18/m. 
  • Small (small teams and boutique agencies) — $120/m. 
  • Micro (SMEs, local NGOs, and state organizations) — $480/m. 
  • Medium (medium-size companies) — $840/m. 
  • Enterprise (custom set of features) — the pricing is calculated for each client depending on the complexity of added features. 
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There’s no denying it — today, team managers use a lot of apps to have full control over processes and stay productive. At times, connecting these tools with each user is challenging. 

That’s where comes in handy. It empowers creating custom workflows that involve several apps. For example, if a project manager wants to create a Trello card anytime there’s a new message in a Slack #tasks channel. With Automate, creating such a sequence of events takes only a couple of clicks. That’s some next-generation task management. 

Top features:

  • Easy to use interface and excellent customer service. 
  • Team-friendly — allows teams to create shared workflows. 
  • Detailed field mapping that allows for flexible automation. 
  • Affordable for small teams and local businesses. 


  • Free plan with a limited number of bots available —  5 bots. 
  • Startup (faster data check, 50 bots available). — $49/m. 
  • Growth (the limit is at 100 bots) — $99/m. 
  • Business (team accounts and data controls are supported) — $199/m. 
  • Enterprise (unlimited number of bots, advanced features) — starts at $399/m. 

7. Basecamp

“Old but gold” is exactly the case for Basecamp. Granted, this tool is not the newest kid on the block but it’s still highly relevant among startup managers, SME business owners, and large-scale teams. 

What’s the secret behind Basecamp’s longevity? To me, it’s the powerful mix of all features a team needs to manage projects remotely — a real-time chat, a reporting dashboard, a task manager, and many more. There’s a fair share of gamification elements in the platform as well — it makes project management fun and engaging. 

Top features: 

  • Robust checklists — it’s easy to track subtasks in Basecamp. 
  • Detailed reports allow tracking each employee’s efficiency and keep track of status updates. 
  • Hill charts do a great job at representing the project’s progress visually. 
  • A separate inbox for notifications so that they don’t clutter the chat. 


  • Free for personal task management. 
  • $99/m for teams. 


This was our take on top task manager apps that help teams stay productive even far away from offices. There are plenty of other platforms on the market — make sure to check them out as well. 

Keep in mind that the path to a perfect task management app is different for each team and depends on the budget, the tech-savvy of your employees, and personal preferences. That’s why it’s alright to take as much time as needed to find the tool that fits your needs — the gain will be worth the effort. 


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Nadia Vashkovska is a freelance writer and editor. She has contributed to business, design and marketing blogs, currently writing for, a company specializing in digital asset management.


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