8 Appreciation Email Templates to Praise Someone Professionally

Appreciation email templates

You may express thanks at a daily standup or tag a thank you at the end of a work-related message, but sending an appreciation email to an individual employee to personally thank them can bring a smile to their face, and also benefit the business.

A simple way or gesture of saying “we appreciate you” can boost the morale of your employees to a great extent.

But it’s not only about saying the words, it’s about using the right tools to get your message across. This is where Chanty comes in. With this easy-to-use team chat, you can send individual appreciation messages, highlight a team member with a @mention, or thank entire teams. You could even reinforce your appreciation by jumping on a video call to pass your thanks along face-to-face.

But, if you’re wondering how to praise someone professionally via email, look no further than these email templates.

Benefits of praising excellent work professionally

Appreciated employees feel happy, and valued. It’s worth taking the time to praise and thank your employees actively. A quick “Great job team!” can hugely benefit productivity, employee loyalty, engagement, and commitment.

Eight email templates on how to praise someone professionally

There are many situations where you might want to praise a valued team member. But here are eight email templates that should cover most eventualities. AI email writers can come in handy here. These templates are good to go! But you can also add personal touches, and make small changes to fit better the individual you are praising.

1. Work Achievements

Your employees work hard to reach their targets and meet their deadlines. They will often go the extra mile to get the job done.

By praising these efforts you reinforce positive behavior, instill confidence, and motivate them to keep working hard time and time again.

Dear [employee name],

[We’d/I’d] like to express thanks for your hard work, and dedication in [closing a deal/gaining new clients/making a vital contribution].

Your skill and professionalism in everyday work, and this achievement in particular, are much appreciated by [your company name].

[We’re/I’m] very proud of your progress and excited about your future with [company name].

Congratulations on your excellent work, and thanks again, from all of us at [company name]

Great job team [or individual’s name]

Kind regards,
[your name]

2. Meeting a Goal

Always take the time to recognize the extra effort an employee puts in to reach a specific goal. Your appreciation will go a long way to incentivize them to reach their next target.

A small reward will also help your employee to feel valued and appreciated.

Dear [employee name],

Congratulations on reaching the incredible goal of [sales target/customer satisfaction target].

[I/we] really appreciate the huge personal effort, and outstanding professionalism that went into meeting this goal.

Both your team and managers have been impressed by your great attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile for our company. In recognition of this, and to express our gratitude [I/we] would like to [give you a financial/holiday allowance bonus].

Keep up the excellent work!

Best wishes,
[your name]

3. Work Anniversary

Employees who show loyalty to your company are worth their weight in gold. The stability and continued dedication they provide can’t be overstated.

So, when one reaches a work anniversary, be sure to recognize it to hopefully encourage them to spend many more years as a member of your team.

Dear [employee name],

Congratulations on your [x] anniversary with [company name]!

[I/We] truly appreciate your dedication and loyalty to [company name], and [I/We] look forward to many more years together.

The whole team highly values your unique talents and positive attitude, and [I’d/we’d] like to mark this milestone by offering you [a pay rise/discount/gift/day off].

Please accept [my/our] heartfelt thanks, and good wishes for the future with [company name].

[your name]

4. Teamwork and Cooperation

Without team players, it would be a lot more difficult to reach your company goals. Make an effort to praise those employees who demonstrate these traits.

You will reinforce positive behavior and may even encourage other team members to adopt a similar attitude.

Dear [employee name],

[I/we] just wanted to thank you, and express recognition of your excellent contribution to recent team endeavors.

[company name] thrives on our employees’ cooperation in working together for our success, and as such, your efforts to encourage team effort have not gone unnoticed.

Teamwork is about ideas and innovation, but it’s also about building and nurturing great relationships, and in both these respects, you have excelled.

We appreciate you and excellent work!

Thank you again for your commitment, and hard work.

Kind regards,
[your name]

5. Innovation and Ideas

Innovative new ideas can really take your company to new heights and should always be encouraged. You never know when an employee may provide a fresh perspective on an old issue.

So, send an email of appreciation to encourage your team to keep coming forward with new ideas.

Dear [employee name],

Many thanks for your inspired contribution to our team

[I/we] really appreciate your creativity, and innovative ideas. Ideas are the lifeblood of [company name], and as such, the way you have consistently come up with creative solutions, and innovative approaches has been impressive.

[I/We] mainly wanted to highlight your recent suggestion of using [virtual pbx service/new technology/new working practices/new products], and to thank you for the positive change this has made to the business.

Thanks again, and keep the ideas coming!

Best wishes,
[your name]

6. Customer Service

Your customers keep your company in the business, so praising employees who excel at delivering superb customer service should always be a priority.

Your employees will feel motivated to keep delivering their best and, in turn, your customers will continue to be happy with the service they receive.

Dear [employee name],

[I’ve/we’ve] recently had some fantastic feedback regarding your work which [I’d/we’d] like to share with you.

As you know, our customers, and how we look after their needs are of enormous importance to [company name]. We make great efforts to ask for and assess their feedback on our customer service, and consider their responses of great importance.

[I’m/we’re] happy to say that from this feedback, your customer service has been highlighted as [excellent/ very good etc.].

[I’d/we’d] like to express our thanks, and encourage you to keep up the good work!

Kind regards,
[your name]

7. Covering Leave and Stepping Up

In every company, there will always be times when your employees will need to step up during a busy time or during staff absences.

This can mean taking on extra work, responsibilities, and maybe even working extra hours. Take the time to express how much you appreciate these efforts, so your employees feel seen and valued.

Dear [employee name],

[I’d/we’d] like to thank you for stepping up, and helping the team during a period of [staff absence/holiday leave/staff shortage].

[I/We] really value and appreciate the extra work, and effort this has required on your behalf.

You’ve shown commitment and loyalty to the team, and have helped relieve work pressures on your teammates.

[company name] are grateful for your flexibility, and can-do attitude in helping out when staff resources were stretched.

Many thanks, we appreciate you!
[your name]

8. Reward Leadership

Leading a team can be tough at times, so recognize your employees who are working hard to motivate their teams and guide them to reach their goals.

Dear [employee name],

[I’d/we’d] like to congratulate, and thank you for the excellent leadership qualities you have demonstrated recently in your role as [employee’s job title].

Leading a team can be challenging, and demands a multi-skilled approach. Your ability to motivate and guide your team, give clear instructions, take tough decisions, and manage resources and schedules has really impressed [me/us].

Going forward [I’m/we’re] excited to see your professional development and progress within the company during the challenges facing our sector over the next few years.

[I/we] hope you feel proud of your achievements. We appreciate you a lot.

[your name]

Make Praise a Habit

Praising our workmates can often get neglected in our busy working lives. For a team leader, it’s a good idea to schedule expressing thanks once a month.

It’s an opportunity to look at your team, note any contribution that stands out and appreciate them for their excellent work.

As well as an encouraging and appreciative email, motivational gifts to boost morale are also a great idea to keep your team feeling happy, and valued. Consider including company swag ideas as part of your motivational gifts to further enhance team morale and reinforce a sense of belonging.

Receiving praise can boost an employee’s self-esteem, motivation, and productivity. It’s a way of refueling a hardworking individual and cementing their feelings of loyalty to, and connection with the company.

The direct link between employee engagement and how motivated they feel can be seen in the diagram above. By praising your employees you encourage them to be more engaged with their position and with your company as a whole.

Appreciation emails don’t take a huge amount of effort or time, primarily if you use ready-made templates that can be personalized. But the effort pays dividends in terms of good working relationships, and in turn, a great business.

So now you know how to praise someone professionally, get started today, and show your employees how much you appreciate them.

Jenna Bunnell

Jenna Bunnell is the Senior Manager for Content Marketing at Dialpad, an AI-incorporated cloud-hosted unified communications system that provides valuable call details for business owners and sales representatives. She is driven and passionate about communicating a brand’s design sensibility and visualizing how content can be presented in creative and comprehensive ways


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