Zoom vs Skype: Which Video Chat App is Better for Your Team?

Zoom vs Slack

Remote work has become the norm. However, the need for meetings and discussion of working issues has not disappeared. Therefore, an important question arose: which program is better. The leaders are Skype and Zoom. I compared them by key settings and found a lot of useful things. By the way, the videoconferencing market is growing. According to studies, its volume will exceed $20 billion by 2024.

Next, I will share my observations, but looking ahead, I want to note that each tool is more suitable for solving certain problems. If you are a freelancer – definitely Skype. The ideal business environment—Zoom. Next, I will reveal the reasons why.

About Applications

Skype is a multifunctional messenger that appeared in 2003. Adapted for making voice and video calls, exchanging instant messages and files. Works on PCs, smartphones, tablets and Xbox.



  • Fame;
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365;
  • Free communication with users of the application;
  • Voice calls and SMS to phone numbers;
  • Lack of restrictions on the duration of the group conference;
  • Demonstration of the screen of mobile devices.

Zoom is a cloud platform for holding online meetings, collaboration and communication. It works on PCs, smartphones and mobile devices. The program appeared in 2011. Over 8 years, it gained 10 million users, which became 20 times more during the quarantine period.



  • Stable connection;
  • Screen demonstration with sound;
  • Audio and video communication with each participant in the video call;
  • An integrated interactive whiteboard on which you can write and draw;
  • The ability to record a meeting on a device or cloud storage;
  • The appointment of a co-organizer with the same capabilities as the creator of the meeting (can turn on / off the microphone for individual participants);
  • Division of participants into rooms.

Participant Limits

Depends on the version of the program. Skype allows you to add to the conference 50 users in the absence of a paid subscription. If you buy a package, the limit will increase by 5 times for the possible number of participants. 250 participants is a suitable solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

When using the free version of Zoom, the user can create a meeting for 100 participants. Business packages include up to 1000 seats.

Video Conferencing Availability

Initially, this criterion was one of the key benefits of using Zoom. To join the chat, the user does not have to install the program. The invitation link is enough. You can even join the meeting through a browser.


A similar function is available on Skype now. It’s called Meet Now. It eliminates the need to install the program or register the user. The software generates a link to a specific meeting that can be sent to any person.

You can set a password for access. If the user is not registered and does not have an installed program, then the full range of functions is still available to him. This is true if the team has stubborn people.

video calling


Zoom is a platform for video calls that have gained tremendous popularity since the beginning of quarantine. Prior to this, the number of daily users was 10 million. The number reached 200 million in March. The developers absolutely did not count on such a turn of events, so they will improve the program now.

Both services provide communication security through end-to-end encryption. However, a recent surge in Zoombombing has occurred. Attackers used sharing features against users. They joined the conference and broadcast scenes of pornography or violence.

Partially this vulnerability has already been eliminated. Developers have implemented the “Waiting Room” function, which provides control of participants joining the meeting. Available to event creators. Applies to all users with free accounts. Also added additional passwords. They make it difficult for unknown people to access the video call.

Integration with third-party services

If the software is used for work, then this function is important. It is desirable that it will be as thought out as possible. Indeed, the ability to provide access to a specific file directly during a conversation will save time and nerves. It is also a great way to remind you of the importance. And in principle, all the necessary data will be provided at the appropriate time.

Therefore, the developers have provided an entire array of integration capabilities. Skype works well with Microsoft software. It can be connected to OneDrive cloud storage, Outlook email client and the popular Word. There is also integration with other software. For example, with the content management system of WordPress sites and Slack corporate messenger.

Integration with Zoom takes place through the app store. There is also a Slack. In addition to this program, users can connect to the social network LinkedIn and Google Drive cloud storage. There are various programs in the app store. They can be classified by direction. Users are offered integrated software for marketing, healthcare, sales, finance and more.

When participating in videoconferencing, you should not forget about the literacy of writing messages and presentations. To check the text for errors, use one of the integrations or Grammarly tools. You can also do this using proofreading by contacting companies that provide coursework writing services. This will help to avoid spelling and grammar errors and look competent in the eyes of colleagues.


Skype works with many PC resources. Therefore, owners of weak devices do not like it. The program freezes on them. The need for many resources is especially noticeable during the broadcast of video and sound. Such features lead to frequent program freezes.

In this regard, Zoom is a great alternative. The program is exceptionally lightweight and uses significantly less RAM on a personal computer. It works fast. In particular, due to the fact that the use of Zoom consumes less traffic. These features provide the main advantage of the program—a stable connection.

Demo features

Skype allows you to broadcast the screen of your PC and mobile devices. But only your gadget. There is no way to demonstrate individual applications.

A wide range of options provides Zoom. During the conference, the user can show his screen, or a specific program. There are also different modes. Therefore, you can demonstrate what is on your screen, or choose what to display to the other participants. At the same time, work in another program is possible.

Zoom allows you to show up to 49 participants. However, in the free version, the duration of the group conference is limited to 40 minutes. After that you will have to call back. This restriction is eliminated in the paid version.

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Pricing policy

Zoom offers 3 paid packages. They cost from $14,99 to $19,99. Depending on the tariff, access to 300, 500 or 1000 participants in video calls is opened. Any plan removes restrictions on the duration of calls. Depending on the tariff, the following functions may be provided to users:

  • management of meeting participants;
  • assign a unique meeting identifier
  • branding;
  • single sign-on;
  • managed domains
  • LTI integration
  • cloud storage;
  • Hangout reports
Skype pricing

Skype offers free communication among users of the application. Calls to mobile / landline phones are possible through subscription or Skype Credit. Tariffs:

  • 165 minutes—$5;
  • 330 minutes—$10;
  • 830 minutes—$25.

Corporate packages allow you to increase productivity and the list of available functions. The price of plans is $5, $12.5, $20. All of them provide an unlimited number of minutes for calls to mobile / landline numbers. Depends on the geolocation of the subscriber you are calling.

$5 tariff package provides:

  • 250 participants in the meeting;
  • joining through authentication with encryption;
  • HD video
  • connection from any device;
  • access to web versions of Office;
  • 1 TB of cloud storage;
  • increase the capacity of the mailbox (50 GB).

The second tariff will cost $12.5. The desktop features of Microsoft Office are added to the above features. The most expensive package also provides advanced security features and enterprise device management.


Skype is popular among freelancers. Suitable for those who often contact users of other applications, since many people know how to use it. Zoom is the perfect business solution. Suitable for enterprises of any scale and provides useful functions. It is reliable, lightweight and productive software.


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Rebecca Willis

Rebecca Willis is an HR manager, personal trainee in management, freelance writer and active guest contributor.


  • I was literally confused between Skype and Zoom but after reading this article I chose Skype to interact with my team. Thanks for making my confusion away.

  • This is a great inspiring article.I am pretty much pleased with your work.You can really really helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to your next post

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