Share code snippets

Sharing blocks of code is daily routine for deadline-driven teams. Luckily, you can share the code and view attached snippets without leaving Chanty. Attach a code snippet on web or desktop apps... Read more

Send and browse messages

Communication in Chanty is distributed with messages in Public and Private conversations or Direct messages. Messages help you quickly share information with your team members on a team space. Send a... Read more

Mention a member or a team

Ping a colleague, team members in a conversation, or even the whole team to get the quick answer or deliver a solution that needs an instant reaction. Mention a team member on web or desktop apps... Read more

Search messages

Chanty lets all users enjoy the unlimited message history. That’s why every time you want to know what, when and who contributed to conversations on Chanty, you will find it using search. Search... Read more

Add emojis to a message

Messages can show your emotions with vivid emojis on Chanty. On web or desktop app: Click the    Emoji icon in the bottom of the conversation window Choose the emoji from the list and it will... Read more

Forward, edit, or delete messages

Chanty saves you time copy-pasting messages and allows to forward the message to another conversation. Forward messages on a web or desktop app Mouse over the message you want to forward Click... Read more

Contact support

We want to know everything: bug reports, feature requests, questions or feedback for us to improve.

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