Leave a conversation

Projects come and go, tasks get accomplished sooner or later. You can decide which conversations to participate in and which to leave. Click the    three-dots icon to open the Conversation... Read more

General conversation

Not all conversations are created equal. The general Public conversation is the only conversation you (or any other team space member) cannot leave, hide or delete even if you want to. Productive... Read more

View shared content

Content in Chanty is collected on multiple levels – in Teambook menu and in every conversation on your team space. Conversation actions Any conversation can contain text messages, files, links,... Read more

Browse and join conversations

We can’t remember all the conversations we’ve ever participated in. That’s fine. Chanty keeps all that info in the Teambook. Navigate to the My team tab on the left sidebar to view and quickly... Read more

Delete a Conversation

Currently, only the team space creator can delete conversations in Chanty web or desktop. Tip: If you don’t know who is the team space creator in your team – open general Public conversation with... Read more

Rename a conversation

Bad names happen all the time. Chanty makes sure you can rename the conversations with any name you like. Click the    three-dots icon to open the Conversation actions menu Choose the Rename... Read more

Invite members to a conversation

Collaboration takes a team. That’s why it’s always better to add members to a conversation to help you with the project or task you are working on. Add members to a conversation Click... Read more

Add a conversation to favorites

Adding a conversation to Favorites You can add any conversation to Favorites on your team space. Simply open the popup menu with a right click on the conversation area in the left sidebar and choose... Read more

Create a conversation

Chanty lets you create conversations: Public (team-wide knowledge and announcements) and Private (invite-only focused discussions), or start a Direct message with any active member on a team... Read more

Contact support

We want to know everything: bug reports, feature requests, questions or feedback for us to improve.

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