Team space administration

Invite Team Members

Chanty team space is better with more people. That’s why you can easily invite new members to help you with your project or task. Inviting new members on your web or desktop apps Click the +... Read more

Reactivate suspended team members

Chanty lets you reactivate suspended team members if you need to regain their access to your team space.  Start reactivating a team member by navigating to the Dashboard. Click on your User profile... Read more

Suspend Team Members

Chanty lets you suspend team members. You can do this in case you need to restrict access to the team space and the Direct messages history for some members.  Once you suspend team members, they... Read more

Delete Team Members

People come and go, so your team space needs management. Chanty lets you delete team members if you no longer need them on your team space. Note: Currently, deleting team members is available from... Read more

Create team space on Chanty

This guide will tell you how to create a new team space. Start by visiting in your web browser. Then, follow the steps in the interactive signup. 1.  Type Your work... Read more

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