20+ Communication Memes to Make Your Workday More Fun

Communication memes

I’ll never forget the day I spent 5 hours in a meeting. Yes, you read that right: 5 hours! The worst thing was, at the end of that meeting we came to the same conclusion we reached during the first 5 minutes…Talk about this should’ve been an email… And plus, there was no food! Imagine the horror….

But we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Not just long and unnecessary meetings, but also talking to coworkers we just…can’t? Especially during the pandemic.

Online meetings and communication are a major drain. Yes, we don’t need to wear pants, but it is still a struggle for most of us.

Why do we relate to communication memes?

This is probably why there are so many relatable communication memes around. They are here to help us get through. Communication meme reflects how most of us feel. Keep smiling as you read on!

So, let’s get cracking with one meme that sums up how we feel when we are the only one at the meeting. Where is everyone? Are we at the wrong place or at the wrong time…What is happening?

However, sometimes some of the participants don’t show up because they are thinking outside the box. 

You know, no communication = no bad communication

And once they do show up, they don’t want to talk. They are staring at the screen, pretending they are listening, and nodding their heads. Which is kinda understandable to be fair…

But we still need their input so we would like someone to say something. Anything really. Is anybody out there? Are you listening? Am I on mute?!

Communication is not for the lighthearted…

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Well this is just too much…

Are they doing this on purpose? This runs into our lunch break just so you know…

And sometimes you just decide you have had it! You can’t hold it back any longer and you want to snap at people…

This deserves an angry text in the public chat just so you know!

But let’s hold our horses and not jump the gun. We have to think it through. They might have internet connection problems and are too tired to explain themselves in front of everyone, so they decided to do the obvious – smile and hope for the best. We gotta keep a positive outlook on the matter. So, here is a meme for their side of the story.

Real talk though, we’ve all been there – being on mute throughout the entire meeting but unmute ourselves at the end to say thanks and make it seem like we contributed… sound familiar?

Besides, sometimes that is for the best, because once they say the most famous 2020 quote: Sorry, I was on mute,  it is all downhill from there. And I’m sure this face is the face of 99% of the participants. The 1% includes the one talking.

Two hours later, everyone realized this could’ve been summed up in a few sentences. We all know that some meetings are unnecessary. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work, or will ever work.

After a meeting like that, is it really possible to control your facial expressions? Definitely not!  Unfortunately, the boss may beg to differ.

And none of this would happen if we just use audio. But apparently, eye contact and gestures improve communication

And talking about meetings that should’ve been an email… we all dread the moment we go back to our offices and see our favorite colleague who just doesn’t understand the idea behind it.

And there are always the ones who ask if they can use a fax machine… Excuse me, what in the world was a fax machine?! As millennials we do have a vague recollection, but Gen Z?! Poor guys…

How about when you actually prepare for a meeting? Well, do you know a guy called Murphy? Apparently he comes into the picture and your colleagues go and cancel on you! 

The nerve, the audacity…

However, I’m sure that everybody feels a lot better when we schedule meetings after our first cup of coffee. Namaste!

And sometimes, even coffee doesn’t help and living is enough of a struggle as it is… why are you texting me? What have I done to deserve this?

What is your fav communication meme?

Naturally, later on, they accuse us of not being approachable and helpful, and they have the nerve to schedule meetings to clear things up. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for more meetings

There you have it my friends, the whole communication process via memes. Now, we know all of these communication memes look like it’s a tough job to talk to your colleagues, but I’m sure that once you start using Chanty, you’ll be a lot more productive and connected to your colleagues, and have more fun in the process.

Go ahead and share the list with your friends and coworkers to have a good laugh and de-stress. Laughter is love and love should be shared. We deserve it! 

Chanty team

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