11 Daily Habits of Successful People You Can Take Over

Habits of successful people

Exactly like team collaboration tools can do wonders to your employees’ productivity and business efficiency; your daily habits have the power to improve your life. The habits, like most things in life, necessitate effort and determination.

To realize your full potential, you must direct your path through daily habits that prepare you for success. A recent study found that it takes 21 days to acquire a new habit. Are you ready to take on this journey with full force?

We’ve interviewed 11 successful people and asked them about daily habits that help them to succeed in business and life.

Let’s dive into the 11 daily habits of successful people!

Heavy usage of calendar and scheduling

Dmytro Okunyev, the Founder of Chanty:

“There might be days when you are worked up and still feel like you have achieved nothing on the important tasks. This may happen due to last-minute tasks, sudden meetings, a lot of interruptions, etc. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you understand the art of proper scheduling. When done right, it can help you manage your time and align everything including your personal and professional life accordingly. This habit helped me prioritize the important tasks and manage them efficiently”.

Do what you love

Sandeep Kashyap, the Founder of ProofHub:

“When heading a business it is of paramount importance to value productivity and help your employees understand the same. In my opinion, there are countless ways to achieve productivity at work such as allocating time for particular tasks, minimizing distractions, practicing time blocking, and giving team members autonomy to execute their vision. 

I believe that productivity comes when you love what you do and do it with passion and that is what we practice here at ProofHub. One of the most mentioned habits of successful people is to do what you love.

Even healthy practices off work such as meditating, regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and a night of sound sleep can be great productivity boosters as they help you stay in the right headspace. 

So while I do not firmly believe in incorporating rules and laws to heighten productivity at work, these practices mentioned above can definitely help amp up your game at work.”

​​Early mornings

Ivan Petrovic, CEO of Workpuls:

“One habit of successful people is getting up early in the morning. Successful people usually have a plan for each day and they want to start their day right off by accomplishing as much as possible before other obligations get in the way. 

Getting an early start gives people a sense of accomplishment and it helps them to better control their day. It’s also easier to focus and be productive when there are fewer distractions. Studies have shown that people who get up early are also more likely to eat healthier and exercise regularly. 

So, setting your alarm clock for an earlier time can be one small step towards becoming more successful.”

Make exercise a priority 

Fawad Ansari, Co-founder of nTask Manager:

“To be productive, one needs to have a relaxed and healthy mind that can think well to make important timely decisions. Regular exercise can help to remain physically and mentally active. 

This has helped a lot to work hard every day to improve the experience of the people we serve.”

Tracking time of my projects regularly

David Miller, Project Management Expert at ProProfs:

“Early in my career as a project manager, I learned that a lack of visibility on how your or your team’s time is spent and managed creates problems for my business. 

On some days, I knew precisely what tasks my team was working on. But on hectic days, it was not possible, especially for a project with a large team. Time Tracking was simply the best way to overcome this situation. 

This, I think, made all the difference. It is critical to know where your time goes in a day. Tracking time of my projects increased my team’s productivity and made business more profitable. It helped me wonder if I am spending time on the top priority tasks.

It helped me drive value from projects since I knew what my team was working on and whether these activities aligned with the business objectives.  In a nutshell, it helped me to prioritize the tasks and execute the project efficiently.” 

Regular self-reflection

Stefan Chekanov, CEO and Co-founder of Brosix:

“All people who are successful constantly reflect on their strengths and growth areas. This is a well-structured process during which you evaluate yourself in a specific period of time. The first things you need to identify are the main strengths that you can even write down. 

The second aspect is the growth areas. These shouldn’t be seen as negative per se but as opportunities for learning and improvement. 

Finally, you need to draw some of the takeaways from the process and learn from your experience. This kind of self-reflection can be done as often as you want and all successful people use it regularly in one form or another.”

Putting everything in place (not only material stuff)

Pavlo Pavlenko, the CEO of HelpCrunch:

“One of my biggest daily habits that helps me stay productive – except for writing everything down in Notion and listening to upbeat music during my focus time – is putting everything in place (not only material things). It promotes a killer systematic approach to everything I do and work on. As a result, my productivity increases significantly. 

However, I would rather call it a character trait. To give you a better idea, I have several routine “rituals”. I prefer placing the items on my desk while sipping my morning coffee every day I come to work. This is when I switched to a “work hard, play hard” mode.”

Ritualization, Planning, Flow state focus

Liam Martin, Co-founder and CMO at Time doctor has 3 daily habits:

1. Ritualization: this is what you do on a daily basis. You take actions, it can be positive or negative but it helps you to work towards something consistently.  

2. Planning: planning is a must to be productive and achieve any goal. You need to plan your day, a week, a year to achieve your goals. Baby steps are planning for a day or a week and it will help you to reach a certain place to complete a task in a decided timeline.  

3. Flow state focus: it is something that gets you into action. A force that you need to develop that helps you get into a work mode as soon as you start your work.

Result oriented approach

Jimit Bagadiya, Co-founder of SocialPilot:

“Being result-oriented helps me to assess my goals and progress better. I can plan my day after sorting all tasks as per priority. It helps me massively in redirection if any shortcomings are encountered.”

Clean inbox before Friday evening 

John Shpika, CEO and Founder of

“Think of your inbox as a single triage room at a hospital. Some cases that come in are urgent, others not so much. It is critical to notice the urgent cases immediately, and get them in to see a doctor now.”

Writing to-do list

Sharat Potharaju, CEO of Uniqode:

“It helps in uncluttering the mind and setting priorities. The human mind should be used for processing and not storage, so checklists/ To-do lists help with writing down everything that is of importance and then the mind can be used to process and prioritize tasks.”

Daily habits of successful people that you can use too

Almost all of us have some sort of daily habits, some of which are beneficial and others may be detrimental. People who are successful have more of the beneficial habits that contribute to their success. Where some habits require special skills to learn, others can easily be adapted. Whatever the case may be, eventually the beneficial and tested ones will lead you to the road of success.

We hope you enjoyed reading about daily habits of successful people and will be able to apply some of them to your life!

Chanty team

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  • I always wonder what habits successful people will have. Thank you for sharing. I think I will try to change. I find them very interesting

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