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Filter tasks

You can filter tasks on Chanty to sort them by Date, Status, and Assignee. Navigate to the Tasks menu in Teambook and view all the filters on the top. On a mobile device, navigate to the Tasks menu... Read more

Manage tasks

Chanty tasks come with easy management options. On web or desktop apps Hit the    Three dots icon to the right of the task to view the task management options available. Tasks at Chanty come with... Read more

Search and browse tasks

The task history is important every time you need to know what, when and who has been involved in doing the task. Chanty lets you search and browse the tasks on your team space. Search field in the... Read more

Permissions and Roles

One of the features that you can find in our Business plan is the ability to set permissions and roles. You can find this feature by clicking on the icon in the bottom left corner and clicking on the... Read more

Kanban View

There are two ways that you can list tasks in Chanty: as a list or as a Kanban board, which is the topic of this short guide. It’s essentially a way to view tasks in rows and columns, similar to... Read more

Invite Guests to Chanty Team Space

Every team has their own needs. Some need members that can access the shared team knowledge, while others require participation in only one conversation to solve a particular problem or task.... Read more

How to Connect Zapier with Chanty

Zapier lets you connect 1000+ apps using workflows called Zaps, connecting your team space to hundreds of other apps and automating specific daily tasks. Triggers and actions in Chanty List of Chanty... Read more

Leave a conversation

Projects come and go, tasks get accomplished sooner or later. You can decide which conversations to participate in and which to leave. Click the    three-dots icon to open the Conversation... Read more

Get Started With Chanty

Hi there, Thank you for trying Chanty! You’ve already created your team space. If not, take a closer look at our Creating a team space guide. Here you are with a brand new team space all alone.... Read more

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