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You’ve already created your team space. If not take a closer look on our Getting started with a new team space guide.

Here you are with a brand new team space all alone. Wonder what to do next? We’ll guide you through.

Chanty 101 Product tour

Product tour

First off, take our Product tour to get the basics.

In case you’ve skipped the tour for some reason or need a second look to recap, you’ll always find Start Product tour hitting Help and Support icon in the left sidebar.

Get help Chanty

Still think you need to know more about Chanty? Check out our FAQ section or contact the Support team.

Bring people to your team

Team chat is all about collaboration. Don’t hesitate and start inviting your colleagues to make the most of Chanty.

Currently, at the early access stage you can invite up to 50 members to your team space. However, if you need more people to test out how Chanty works with larger teams – contact us via email or in-app Help & Support form.

Use Teambook for easy access people and content

You will find the list of your team members in Teambook > My Team section hitting the Teambook iconicon in your left sidebar.

My team icon

A single click on any of your team members in My team menu will instantly start a One to one conversation.

Get instant responses with conversations

Great job! Your team is all aboard. It’s time to communicate! Chanty lets you create Public (team wide knowledge and announcements), Private (invite-only focused discussions) and One to one (direct team member communication) conversations.

Start a Public or Private conversation hitting thestart conversation left sidebar icon.

Starting conversation

The list of the conversations created and the entire History timeline are also waiting for you in the Teambook menu.

Starting conversation

Collaborate sharing the content you need

Whatever conversation you choose, drag and drop or attach files up to 100MB to any message. You can share documents, media files and links with previews adding context to your team space discussions.

Want to view the list of shared files and links? Teambook is the place to go.

Shared files

Reach a new level of productivity with Tasks

You can create a new task from scratch or turn any message into a task in any given conversation. Learn How to manage tasks with Chanty and discuss any task in a related flow with only relevant people around.

Use filters to find the tasks you need in the Tasks section of the Teambook.


Now you know the basics:

  1. Bring more team members
  2. Start conversations
  3. Share content
  4. Assign and discuss tasks
  5. Join Facebook community to chat with other Chanty users

It’s time to move forward to making your team space feel like home.

Stick Favorite conversations to the top

Once you create a whole lot of conversations you’ll end up having some among the most visited.

Make sure to right-click the conversation in the left sidebar and choose Add to favorites.

Adding to favorites

You’ll immediately see the conversation in the Favorites list.


Pin important messages in any conversation

Not all messages in your team space are created equal. However, you can easily choose which message is the most important for you.

Simply mouse over (web, macOs, Windows apps) or long tap (iOS and Android apps) the message and choose Pin in the Message actions menu.

Pinned messages

The pinned message will turn yellow for easy scanning through message history.

Pinned message

Wait, there’s more! You can find and filter by date all the pins in Teambook > Pinned messages menu.

Pinned messages search

Pinned message search

Add new members to any conversation

Bring your team members with conversation details Menu detailsmenuin the top right corner of the main chat window.

Adding members to conversation

Type or select the members from the list and hit Add members.

Adding members

Now you have people on your team and in a conversation. It’s time to learn how to attract attention to the ideas you find important.

Highlight members with @mentions

Ping a colleague, online team members or even the whole team to get the quick answer or deliver a solution that needs instant reaction. Start with @ symbol and choose the team member from the list to mention them.


Show attitude to any message with reactions

Point at any message in a conversation, choose Set reaction and give the reaction you like from the five on our list.


Make your message stand out using emojis

Work can be fun and it’s up to you when to bring emojis to the table. Simply hit the emoji iconEmojiand choose the emoji from the list.


Let’s see how to search the unlimited message history in Chanty

Quick search in the main chat window

Type in whatever you’d like to find into the Search anything field.


Search the History timeline

Choose the date and the participation filter for your search queries for a more advanced search in the Teambook > History timeline menu.

History timeline search

Customize your Profile & Account

Click on your Profile photo in the bottom left corner to access the customization settings. Here you can change the Name, Position and Profile photo.

Profile customization

The next stop is customizing notifications. Make sure to do your prep job to make notifications work on any device.

You can choose what level of notification you will have in your team space:

All new messages, One to one messages, @mentions and task updates or stop receiving any notifications.

Moreover, you can set different notification settings for your web/desktop and mobile apps.

We think of your privacy and let you choose to include or exclude message text preview in your notifications.

Notificaton settings

Choose the Silent mode time to turn off notifications for a certain time period.

Silent mode

Don’t forget to hit Save changes for them to take effect.

Finally, feel like a Pro, switching from One-time codes to a password in your team space.

Follow the prompts to set your password and use it to sign in to Chanty on all your devices.

Password change

Password change in Chanty

Setting new password in Chanty


Now you know how to get started with Chanty. Feel free to contact us or join our Facebook community if you have any questions.

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