What is Chanty?

Chanty is a simple business messenger with a clean design for seamless team communication and collaboration. We help small businesses simplify team communication and collaboration, making teams more productive.

Why should your team use Chanty?

In case you are running a small team it’s your best friend that helps you become even more productive. Chanty makes a promise that:

  • You won’t lose a single message. Chanty doesn’t limit your message history and syncs all the conversations across devices on multiple platforms – web, desktop or mobile. The chat history of your entire team is searchable from the very first message.
  • You will get more than a communication tool. Choose Chanty and get robust file sharing, powerful search features and notifications united in a single place that save you time spent on meetings and get everyone on the same page.
  • You will bring team communication on the next level. At the early access stage Chanty is going the AI way to quicken the process of finding what’s most important to the clients. It is massively training it’s AI algorithms to make sure that the most important information you’ll need will be as close to you as possible. By the release time you won’t waste your time scrolling through endless discussions you’ve missed.
When will I get off the waitlist and get access to Chanty?

We’re super excited that you’ve decided to become a part of our beta community. New early access holders usually get access to Chanty extremely fast. We can’t tell you the exact time or date but we are doing our best to spread Chanty among as many people as possible.

What should I do once I get the invitation link?

– Start by creating your team space or join existing ones

– Invite colleagues for better team collaboration experience

– Communicate in One to One, team-wide Public or invite-only Private conversations

– Share instant messages, files or any other content you like

– Stay connected with adjustable notifications

– Engage your team and have fun together adding emojis and reactions to your communication

– Get more organized by adding your conversations to Favorites

– Pin important messages for fast and easy access

– Forward messages to any conversation instead of copy-pasting

How do I get my team started on Chanty?

The process of setting a new team space is very simple. Once you get the early access link you will bring your team on Chanty within a minute. We have described the process of Creating a new team space on Chanty in case you have any issues.

Find out how to become a member of an existing team space in the corresponding guide on Joining the existing team on Chanty.

Chanty is better together with a team. That’s why inviting new members is just a click away. Learn more simply visiting our article on How to invite new members to Chanty.

In order to join the community and get your early access, visit our website and leave your work email.

What features does Chanty offer?

Chanty has a variety of features to make you and your team even more productive:

– Unlimited message history

– Unlimited conversations (Public, Private and One to one)

– Instant search for locating messages, files and other content

– Seamless file sharing

– Drag and drop multi-file upload

– Message editing, forwarding and deleting

– Link preview

– Image and video preview

– Powerful notifications

– Unread markers for new messages

– Pins for the most important messages, links or files

– User online/offline status

– User profile

– 24/7 User support

– Links to Chanty apps for desktop (macOS, Windows) and mobile (iOS, Android)

– Cute emojis

And much more to come!

What devices is Chanty available on?

You can use Chanty on all major platforms! Chanty is available on web, desktop and mobile for: macOSWindowsiOS and Android. Linux and smartwatch capabilities are coming soon.

What browsers are supported?

Chanty should be supported on any modern web browser. Chanty works best on:

  • Safari, latest
  • Chrome, latest
  • Firefox, latest
  • Microsoft Edge, latest
  • Internet Explorer 11 and later
How can I delete a conversation?

Currently you can’t delete a conversation on your team space. We are working on bringing conversation management to Chanty in Q3, 2018.

What you can do is point at any conversation on the web or desktop app and hide the conversation by clicking Hide this conversation or Remove from favorites.

Contact support

We want to know everything: bug reports, feature requests, questions or feedback for us to improve.

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